Ghost hunts in Wales

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Ghost hunts in Wales

Craig-y-Nos castle in South Wales is reputedly the most haunted castle in Wales. Featured on Living TV's 'Most Haunted' series in 2004, the castle has offered regular ghost hunts using specialised paranormal investigation equipment along with seances, voiceboxes etc.

Two regular ghost hunting companies run the tours, plus we have a number of external ghost tour companies who regularly investigate the castle.

The castle is known to be particularly active, though the most significant encounters with the original owner, a once world famous opera singer Adelina Patti, seem to take place with our general visitors and B&B guests rather than with our ghost hunting guests. Adelina Patti was the highest paid opera star of her day, who made Craig-y-Nos castle her personal palace in 1978. The 'lady in black' as she is occasionally seen, has engaged in interactive conversations with guests and she has even sung for them.

Ghost hunters, however, rarely seem to encounter Adelina Patti, instead focusing on the castle's 50-year period as a TB Hospital (there was an 80% death rate from TB until it was cured in the 1950s) and its later period as a hospice.

It was said you arrived at Craig-y-Nos lying on a stretcher and left lying down in your coffin. Naturally ghost hunters are interested in the spiritual activity they can pick up in the former hospital wards on the still derelict upper levels of the castle.

Over the years a number of unexplained phenomena have made their way into our history of hauntings at the castle, the most significant being encounters by non-ghost hunters - ordinary members of the public. In their fireside chat a drummer in a band had conversation with a lady in black seated opposite him in the Patti bar. Another girl, who sang on the stage in the theatre, was reassured by a lady in black that she would sing beautifully before she went out to sing in the opera house. Another guest was comforted when Patti sung to her while she stayed with her terminally-ill husband. These are all stories not involving ghost hunters - just ordinary guests who interacted with the castle's original owner.

All-night ghost tours, which individuals and couples can book on to, are offered by the Castle once a month, with places limited to 16. If you know enough people to make up a group of ten, groups can organise their own Share the Experience ghost tour, run by one of two ghost hunting teams - The Paranormal World and the Ghost Walkers. Many people revisit and many ghost hunters come away with a new respect for the unknown and unknowable.

Craig-y-Nos castle does not run 'tours' as such - many places do - where you merely traipse around listening to ghost stories and nothing much happens. We offer actual ghost hunts, so there can be a lot of standing around 'in the moment' seeking to sense spirit. Seances, table tipping, use of ghost hunting equipment will all be explained to you before the 3 to 4-hour visit into the cellars and upper derelict levels of the castle that are not open to regular tests. These events are for serious ghost hunters.

We can also offer a lighter version for those who want something more like a 'fright night' experience with a few spooky stories up in our haunted bar - popular with Swansea hen parties.


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