Anti-ageingy teatment using ethical embryonic stem cells

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Anti-ageingy teatment using ethical embryonic stem cells

From the beginning of time, people have known they will one day become old and infirm. We used to believe there was nothing we could do to slow our inevitable ageing.

As we age, we anticipate we will become infirm, suffering disease, disability and discomfort. This is how it used to be. But this is not true today. Exciting times lie ahead of us, as scientists discover new ways of slowing our ageing process to help us live healthier and ‘younger’ lives as we live longer.

As we age, our cells are less able to reproduce and this is why we get ‘old’. Scientists have discovered that lengthening the telomeres on our chromosomes improves our cells’ ability to reproduce. Introducing embryonic stem cells into an adult improves our cells' ability to reproduce, meaning we can stay younger for longer.

Clinics are opening offering anti-ageing treatments using stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are more effective than adult stem cells, but harvesting cells from a human embryo poses severe ethical issues.

There is one clinic in Europe that can offer anti-ageing treatment using embryonic stem cells derived not from human embryos, but from our own skin cells. It is the only clinic in Europe to offer this ethical and more effective form of stem cell anti-ageing therapy.

  • The treatment has been developed over 14 years and is proven to be safe.
  • The Regenerative anti-ageing treatment at the clinic in Europe lasts a full week with daily injections of 20 million embryonic stem cells (a total of 5 injections).
  • There is also an intensive anti-ageing package for 10 days/ You will receive 8 embryonic stem cells' injections.
  • The required amount of embryonic stem cells is grown in a laboratory from your own skin cells.
What value would you place on an extra few years of healthy life?


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