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Please read the following site rules carefully before posting. If you break a rule, we'll send you a warning; three warnings in a six month period can result in your account being suspended. We obviously don't like doing this, so if you have any questions or need an existing rule clarifying, please get in touch with a member of our moderating team before you post.

Be Respectful

UKBF is for everyone; please be polite and considerate of other members’ professional or personal views.

Please keep things positive. Honest critical discussion, heated debate and differing of opinion are part of what makes our community great. Overwhelmingly negative or personal comments aren’t constructive.

We have a highly dedicated team of moderators on UKBF. Please treat them with respect and remember that their decisions are final; discussions regarding moderator decisions are not permitted on the forums.

Use Appropriate Language

Please avoid using profane or abusive language.

Please don’t insult, patronise or belittle other members.

Please keep debates intelligent. Making inflammatory remarks or engaging in trolling, personal arguments or ‘ranting’ – the publishing of long, aggressive posts that serve only to aggravate other members – is strictly prohibited.

Please keep things legal. UKBF is a public forum and discussion of piracy, criminal activity or posting of libelous/defamatory content (including charged terms such as "scam" and "con") will not be tolerated.

Please think before posting: our default policy is not to remove any posts or threads on request, unless they break our rules. Read about requesting the removal of posts or threads on this page.

Don't Self-Promote

Please don’t self-promote on UKBF. Read our guidelines on the Do's and Don'ts around self-promotion here: they cover profile signatures, posting links and market research.

Don't Post Spam

Please be aware we have a one account per user rule. Unfortunately, multiple accounts are often used maliciously, so any additional accounts you create may be removed.

Please don’t create an account purely for the purpose of advertising. Here’s what we regard as spam:

  • ● Posting job offers or requests – there is, however, a Tenders forum available.
  • ● Making off-topic sales pitches.
  • ● Posting multiple links to your own business or affiliates.
  • ● Sending private messages to advertise your services.

To prevent spam, we have a 30 post minimum when it comes to adding links to your posts or signatures. You can find out more details here.

Stay on Topic

Please respect the original post and avoid intentionally derailing the conversation.

Please don’t copy and paste big chunks of content from your personal websites.

Please don’t revive threads more than three months old, unless the OP previously committed to posting a later update.

Web reviews

Requesting web reviews is a perk for full members only. Requests for web reviews from free members may be deleted by moderators.

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