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User Guidance

UK Business Forums (UKBF) is where UK-based small business owners/directors, sole traders/self-employed and entrepreneurs come for business-related advice. It’s a safe and supportive community where questions can be asked, and answers/help/advice/similar experiences can be shared. With the exception of the Time Out thread, please keep discussions related to business topics.

Include context with your questions. Please give as much background information as possible when posting to help others provide relevant support and advice.

Add value with your answers. If a member specifically asks about a service you provide, then it’s okay to offer your professional services, but consider how you’re adding value to other members by contributing to the thread first. If in doubt please read our guidelines on the Do's and Don'ts around self-promotion here.

Help us keep UKBF on track. We have a great team of moderators who work together to keep the UKBF community a relevant and welcoming place. Due to the sheer volume of threads it’s impossible for the mods to read every single comment, so please help out by reporting any posts you think break the rules by clicking on the Report this post link you will see at the bottom of every post.


Follow the UKBF Seven Rules.

Please follow the rules and give great advice without pitching. Thank you for being a valuable member of the UKBF business community!

Be respectful. As a general rule, ask yourself whether a comment would be acceptable in a face-to-face business meeting to sense-check responses. Personal insults, sarcastic comments and aggression will not be tolerated. Emotive topics in all areas of UKBF, including the Time Out thread, will be closely monitored to ensure comments remain respectful. Remember, the mods’ decisions are final and further discussions about these decisions aren’t allowed within UKBF.

Keep things legal. Keep posts legal, positive and constructive. UKBF is a public forum and discussion of piracy, criminal activity or posting of libellous/defamatory content (including charged terms such as "scam" and "con") will not be tolerated.

No marketing posts (aka spam). Marketing/self-promoting posts are not allowed in UKBF. Persistent offenders will be removed and blocked. For example, if someone asks for advice on start-up funding don’t comment by offering to build them a website. Please don’t ask a genuine question and then add a link to your website or social media account. Such cases will be considered spam and will be removed. If you’re unsure and need clarification about any aspect of UKBF, please email [email protected].

Keep threads on track. It’s easy to go off on a tangent during a great discussion but avoid the temptation! If you see a thread going off-piste, point it out and bring it back on topic. If you believe that the diversion topic is valuable start a new thread or add to an existing one (see rule 5!).

Don’t duplicate threads. As the UK’s largest UK business community, we have a wealth of content and it’s likely we’ve covered most topics before. Use the search function first to see if we’ve already covered the subject you’re interested in. Don’t post the same question across multiple forums and avoid duplicating posts. If in doubt, please email [email protected] for advice.

Don’t post unsolicited “advice”. Please don’t proactively post general advice that is designed to build your audience and get engagement. We provide a blogging feature for Full Membership where full members can post informative content such as this.

No direct message spam. If you start messaging members directly with unsolicited sales messages it’s highly likely you will be reported, and the mods may remove you from UKBF.


Some things to note;

  • Please be aware we only allow one account per user. Unfortunately, multiple accounts are often used maliciously, so any additional accounts you create may be removed.

  • To help prevent spam, we have a 30 post minimum when it comes to adding links to your posts or signatures. You can find out more details here.


Web reviews

Please remember that requesting a review of a website is a perk for full members only. Requests for web reviews from free members will be deleted by moderators.


The Benefits of Upgrading you Membership

UKBF is designed to be a welcoming and supportive business community for UK small businesses, whether a sole trader to an SME Limited company, and whether contributing to the community as a free member or paying member all are welcome. We do however provide additional business benefits under our Full Membership.. It costs from just £36 per year (inc VAT).

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