Editing or removing posts or threads

If you'd like to edit a post, you can do so within 10 minutes of submitting it. Just click the “Edit” button at the bottom of your post:

If you'd like to edit a post after the 10 minutes have expired, send a Private Message to a member of our moderating team. Include a link to the post in question, the phrase you'd like editing and - unless it's to correct a typo - the reason why. If you're unsure how to send a Private Message, you can find more information here.

Our default policy is not to remove any posts or threads on request, unless they explicitly break our rules. If members have tried to advise you, it isn't fair to waste their time by simply deleting the thread. What we can do is edit out any personal or confidential information from your post (find out more about your rights under GDPR here) though please be aware that it's incredibly time-consuming for the moderating team to ensure the thread keeps its continuity with edited information.

Please consider what you are posting on the forums before you press submit!

If you have any further queries about editing a post, please email [email protected] Include a link to the post or thread in question and the reason why you'd like it edited or removed.

Please remember that you can only request for your own posts to be edited or removed – if you're unhappy with something that someone else has posted, you'll need to report the post separately and our moderators will decide on an appropriate action.