How do I cancel my Full Membership?

Since our Full Membership is a subscription, you'll remain subscribed to Full Membership until you choose to cancel it. Cancelling your Full Membership is really easy, and can be done via your PayPal account.

1. Go to Profile and Settings in the top right hand corner of your account.
2. Select My money on the left side of the page.
3. In the My pre-approved payments section, click Update.
4. Select the seller whose agreement you want to cancel (for your membership, it will be Sift Limited) and click Cancel.
5. Click Cancel Profile to confirm.

You can cancel your recurring payment at any time from your first purchase. If you've forgotten to cancel your subscription and wish to be refunded for a payment*, please send an email to [email protected]

*please be aware that retrospective refunds may not be given if more than 3 months have passed between the payment and refund request, and we may be unable to refund you if you've actively used any of the Full Membership benefits.