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    1. mehboobrasool

      Hope you can help. I sell on Amazon and have my own trademark and packaging. I worked very gard in getting good reviews. Im selling a I phone 5 USB cable but selling it as a lightening to USB cable.

      Amazon are ignoring my infringement request, they recently got back to me with below email: Meanwhile other sellers are destroying my reputation by undercutting my product on price and selling an inferior product.

      They are selling counterfeit and amazon are doing nothing about it. I have emailed the sellers but they just dont care and dont respond. PLease advise what I can do?

      Dear Mabs,

      Thank you for coming back with your email.

      I have investigate this matter and the member of the leadership has contacted our legal department.

      We have some technical issues with submitting infringement claims as no ID`s are generating.

      I will need to ask you to be patient please and we will provide you an update when we will have some new information.

      Thank you very much for your understanding and patience in this important matter.

      Thank you for selling with Amazon.

      Martin Seller Support
      [email protected]
      Hi Sir ,I too have been passed your way ,I am interested in getting a patent , it is an improvement of a product of something that is at market with a few changes ,how do i check my patent rights also i am interested in getting a virtual prototype any advice on specialists, yours Peter swanson
    3. seelan001
      hello sir, my name is vijay. i am from toronto, canada, ontario. i have a problem regarding a patent issue. i was referred to you by some nice person on this forum. please tell me where i can contact you, or can you please email me at 1-647-403-2225. i will pay you for the long distance charges. with your contact info. below i have given you a small outline of the issue that i am facing. i hope you will be able to help.

      I am a small business owner based in toronto, ontario, canada. i am in the import and export business of rice, spices and other wholesale items. i have my company in Canada trademarked as lets say "comp x enterprises". now the problem is that i was shipping goods with the name COMP X ENTERPISES to a fellow in the UK since about 1999 and i had stopped shipping to that fellow due to non payment in 2002-2003. Now i have found out that the fellow is using my company name "Comp X Enterprises" with the same logo as mine and is selling and distributing spices, rices, and other items with my company name on it. Since this fellow did not pay for the goods he bought, i went out and found a new distributor. the fellow who didnt pay has sent me a letter stating that he has registered the name "Comp X Enterprises" in UK and i cannot sell my products there without his permission and is threatening me with legal action if i dont stop distributing in the UK. What should i do? i did not register my trademark in the UK, but i didnt expect such things to happen either. i dont know what to do and its costing me alot of money. i need help since i dont know how the laws there are.

      Thank you
    4. Mr.Nabil
      Hello , I am Mr.Nabil from Algeria , I am working at the small and meduim enterprises office , and I would like to be in touch with you.
    5. Jay08
      Hi Crossguard

      I was told to contact you for information on Copyright. I want to get the logo copyright how would i go about doing this.
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