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UKBF Ace, from Doncaster - South Yorkshire

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Nov 1, 2016
    1. jayhighfield
      Hi, Jamie. I’m looking for self drive hire insurance as a new venture any chance you could pm me? Thank you
    2. Karan Varma
      Karan Varma
      Hey Jamie, hope u doing well? I have everything planned out for my self-hire car biz. The one thing that not able to find is proper information about insurance (What type of insurance & service providers, etc. Found ur post & replies regarding the same. Can u please help-how do I go about getting in touch with the right companies & getting the right insurance. Any help would be much appreciated.
    3. pri
      Hi, I am trying to find self drive hire insurance for our new venture. Can you please advise which company I should reach out? We would be interested in PAYG insurance as well. I read your reply where you mentioned you can quote for Self drive hire insurances. Can you please provide more details.
    4. My-Fleet
      Hi Guys,
      I have a small company renting out cars and vans and I am looking for the most cost effective insurance on the market. Please could you let me have your thoughts on the matter. Pls feel free to pm me. Thanks
    5. Ali Khan
      Ali Khan
      Hi, I am struggling to find self drive hire insurance for new venture can you please advise which company i should reach out ?
    6. Don Collins
      Don Collins
      Hi, I spent 5 years working for an established luxury & performance car hire company in London. 2 years ago I set up my own lux&perf hire company as a broker with a website. Business is growing as our Google & social media presence develops and we now want to purchase our 1st vehicle to hire out. Any advice on this first insurance hurdle would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    7. mcdoodle10

      I read your reply on a topic about self drive hire insurance for a supercar hire experience. I would be interested to find out more about the insurance your were speaking of and what the rough costs would be for annual insurance for a supercar club, initially starting with three cars and limited to 50 members.

      Many thanks in advance,

    8. waynebr76
      Hi I have seen your reply to a topic saying that you can arrange cover for business supplying e-liquid. I am considering starting up a small business doing exactly this and would be interested to understand cost of insurance and what is covered.
    9. jimbouk1977
      Hi I've seen you post about Product liability insurance for electronic Cigarettes made in China, and would love some information on companies willing to under write our industry. I'm hitting brick wall after brick wall at present and welcome any help.

      Thank you in advance

      if you wish you can email me at "[email protected]"
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