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    1. Kevingreen
    2. murrayzz1
      If you don't like Bartercard for whatever reason, fine. But that is no reason to censor the fact that it exists from other members who are specifically asking questions about exactly such schemes.

      To do so impoverishes the thread and lessens the usefulness of this Forum.
    3. murrayzz1
      Finally, the word "ponzi" refers to a specific type of investment, which depends on other members joining to produce a return for earlier subscribers.

      Bartercard is not an investment scheme, by any stretch of the imagination, and there is nothing "ponzi" about it. It does not depend on new members joining to produce benefits for existing members, so it doesn't meet the definition of a ponzi scheme.
    4. murrayzz1
      Lee also suggested that a website where businesses could offer contra deals would be a good idea. How can telling him that such a website already exists be anything other than helpful?
    5. murrayzz1
      What a curious and insulting response to my post.

      Firstly, I am not part of "the Bartercard ... mob". I am a user of their services - a customer.

      The original questioner, Lee, asked for examples of the best contra deals other readers had done. My response is an absolutely legitimate answer to that question.
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