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    Initial link building for new website

    PR releases do drive traffic back to your site if they're successful in getting good placement. One of our first press releases ended up with a rather useful little article in the Guardian, with a heap load of traffic and sales. The link also showed in our profile for many years. A press...
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    Is Content and Relevance King?

    The first piece of good advice on this thread ^^
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    Where to buy high quality backlinks?

    A "backlink for SEO purposes" is the very thing that Google doesn't like. If it's not natural, thematic or designed for customers, then you're treading on thin ice. Paying for it is even worse. The PR backlinks are often the best links, get an article in the The Guardian and it can boost your...
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    Would you hire a Freelance SEO Consultant?

    The first thing I would do before choosing either, is to acquaint myself with SEO via blogs such as Moz Blog and to sign onto the Fresh Bananas SEO course (truly unbeatable ). At least then I'd be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Initially when looking at SEO a number of years ago, I...
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    Semrush Question.

    I love SEMRush and they've added a number of features over the last couple of years so that they don't just report on rankings, but backlink profiling, brand mentions , on page SEO audits... Not cheap but worth it. You can set up a number of websites to track, or use a simple search if you want...
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    WP site blacklisted due to trojan or malicious link

    Why? We don't need a developer full time. We handle our own SEO (learning on the job and doing a far better job than the agencies we previously employed), we can handle most standard stuff in WP and Woo, it's just when things need that extra help that we have to bring someone in. It's far more...
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    WP site blacklisted due to trojan or malicious link

    We've found the issue. We have a number of sites on the server and it isn't actually any of the sites we suspected, but an old blog that we'd forgotten about and ignored. A fairly easy resolution as we can just get rid - phew! Warning served though, and while we have a security plugins etc on...
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    WP site blacklisted due to trojan or malicious link

    Thanks! Unfortunately it's a custom theme that cost us an arm and a leg 3 years ago...I suspect a full install would muck that up? To be honest I've been wary of updating to the latest WP in case it messes up the theme but it's obviously critical. I just wish there was an easy 'undo' button if...
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    I don't want to worry you but...

    We've recently been hacked so this recommendation is timely. Do they monitor your site monthly ?
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    Security flaw in Wordpress or just the way it is?

    Hm, that's a bugger. We've been religious about having usernames that wouldn't be noted anywhere on the site, I had no idea they'd be in the code... That said, if the Simple History plugin is correct, most hacking attempts are trying logins like 'admin' or nicknames they've found on site so...
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    WP site blacklisted due to trojan or malicious link

    Our Wordpress website has suddenly had all emails blocked. When we've delved further, we've found the following : "The IP Address XXXXX shows signs of being infected with a spam sending trojan, malicious link or some other form of botnet. It was last detected at 2016-06-23 07:00 GMT (+/- 30...
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    SEO - Good examples?

    I didn't choose it simply because of it's ranking, but instead used it as an example because of how they'd given the current search term priority place in the menu and throughout the site - a lot of sites are built and then rarely altered apart from a little new content here and there, here they...
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    Micromanaging hampering my business growth

    Get some help - as in an extra set of hands. Even someone you find on for a few hours per week to help with basic admin tasks would help free you up to focus on the more important tasks. I also find it useful to set certain time aside for key projects - eg web work on Friday...
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    SEO - Good examples?

    I suspect if you ask yourself who you'd use for SEO from those on the forum, we'd probably have the same short list. Think why and you'll see exactly what I mean.
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    SEO - Good examples?

    If I were to employ an SEO professional, a web developer or indeed someone from a host of disciplines, I would head towards those posters on here who have been active in the forum and shown how much they know. A few names spring straight to mind on this and I suspect they attract a lot of...
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