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    1. yasmeen

      My name is Yasmeen Hussain and I am postgraduate student at Aston University. I am currently studying for a Master’s in Human Resource Management and Business and I am in the process of completing my dissertation.

      I have created a questionnaire for my research, which is aimed at any Employees or Owners of small or medium sized businesses, and I was wondering if you could take the time to complete it.

      The questionnaire will only take 10-15 minutes to complete and it would be extremely helpful for my research, as I need 100 respondents to complete it.

      If you would be able to pass the questionnaire onto any family/colleagues/friends to complete it would be very helpful for my dissertation.

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
      Best wishes,

      Yasmeen Hussain
    2. deskjet640c
      What has happened is I've been buying in fans (battery powered hand fans) from a distributer in China for use in a product I am gearing up to sell. Things have been going well but I recently went to place a much larger order to find that they were out of stock. They have replied to say that the manufacter will no longer be producing the item. I guess they wern'y selling in large enough numbers of that style to continue.

      It's a very specific looking fan and I can't find anything like an alternative anywhere so am investigating getting them manufactured myself. Obviously I have samples to copy but if I was to make them would require slight modifications to suit.

      Hope you can help.


      Mark Mainey
    3. Ador pets
      Ador pets
      Hello,sir.I think you are very experienced in importing from China.would you share with me that how you find reliable supplier in china?do you use Alibaba or google to find chinese supplier?how often?
      Thank you!
    4. red-source
      It doesnt take much to drop a supplier an email so I will ask the question tomorrow and keep you posted. I know he is away for a day or two visiting family though so not to worry if I dont get back to you straight away. Good luck with the search!
    5. Trailer-Made-Ads
      Hi there,

      Thanks for your message. Its not an order for myself, I am starting a new venture offering several advertising style services, some of which I own others I will be acting as like a middle man for without the client knowing.

      So the order could really be anything from 1, 2 or 4 sided, from 1 colour or more, from anything quantity wise from 100, to 5000. It will not just be me using the service as well, a family member runs a party and balloon shop locally, but hasn't the ability to print on latex, and is constantly being asked if she can, so it will be for this use as well. I can easily envisage 3 or 4 orders a week coming from this source alone.

      Hope you can help, I understand there may be alot of prices to give, for that I thank you in advance!

      Kind Regards

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