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Mar 26, 2021
Dec 13, 2018
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Mar 26, 2021
    1. maryjoymendiola
      Anyone know how i can import dried fish here in UK im from PHILIPPINES. My family make a dried fish in the island how they can import her what documents i need and how i can start please i need help
      this coming 2021 im starting import Soy beans from France to Philippines
      Thank you for warmed welcome
    4. pcourtney
      Hi Ray, I have made a mistake, I meant to PM Graeme ( which I have done now ) , but post no 4 on this thread
      ukbusinessforums.co.uk threads anyone-use-gsm-gateways.409834
      I have posted my email address, could you delete please as I cannot figure out a way to edit my post
      all the best, have a good weekend Peter
    5. Amandalky
      Hi, Thank you for welcoming me! I am so excited to have come across this forum? (How come I not aware of this forum before right lol). Anyway, I am looking for more information about dropshipping in the UK/USA.
    6. wishing tree
      wishing tree
      Thank you for your welcome. Stumble into this site because I was looking for some help on sea shipping. Looking forward to find out more.
      1. David Coleman
        David Coleman
        For sea shipping I would recommend carry cargo of Leeds, gentleman I deal with is Karl Ward.
        Apr 11, 2020
    7. sugarcube40
      thanks for the warm welcome, Ray
    8. RbuddieLTD
      Hi I am looking for an investor to pitch my product to. My product has had good responses from the large companies that I have pitched it to. I just need to get it to the next stage. My product will save over a million trees create a cleaner earth perfect app for the digital world we are in
      1. Ray Newman
        Ray Newman
        @RbuddieLTD hello! You'll need to post in the main forums if you want anyone to see your message. Please be aware of our self promotion rules, though, which you'll find via the 'Rules & Help' link in the main navigation.
        Nov 25, 2019
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    9. Rambling Man
      Rambling Man
      Thanks Ray , i'm looking at advice and opinions on buying and running a specific type of business . Namely a main post office . Do you have a specific section for this ? Thx - Ian
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