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    Should we feel aggrieved?

    Personally I wouldn’t. It doesn’t sound like it’s much of an issue really based on your description of them. If it becomes a regular occurrence then I would have a word, but a one off or infrequent then I’d suggest forget it.
  2. Ozzy

    Can anyone recommend an IFA?

    You've already got some recommendations above, and I don't know any who are members on UKBF to tag, but if you're in the East Midlands area I have someone I could recommend too.
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    Forum hanging

    I'm replying to this on Safari 15.1 on macOS Monterey. Don't suppose there's a particular page view that's consistently causing the issue? Are there any things being blocked, I know Safari can be very protective of it's users, I've added UKBF to my safe site list (obviously) :)
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    Forum hanging

    Ignoring the fact that there are actually no ads running on this site at the moment except for one sponsor of the starting up forum... You are a paying member, so you don't see ads anyway if there was...except for if there were a sponsor. So you should feel safe to whitelist UKBF in the adblocker.
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    UKBF Mobile App

    Ok, before someone technical corrects me it's not an actual app - it's called a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means that with the latest update to UKBF can now install UKBF as an app on your mobile device and access the resources and community as you would any other social app. To do this on...
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    Black Tuesday

    I'm afraid due to complexities in the network layer, you will need to upgrade to Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.
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    Blog Posts

    I'm getting a 404 with that link I'm afraid
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    Blog Posts

    Blogs are back @webdesignnewcastle Please comment back here if something isn't working correctly. Their accessible from your Profile and also from the Community menu
  9. Ozzy

    Where's the New Posts option?

  10. Ozzy

    Is there some way of controlling the cropping of banners?

    Well you will go and use some crazy nature photo as a profile banner won't you! 🤣🤣 Seriously though, the screen dimension resizing does also involving zooming in and out to ensure an edge is always present either top and bottom, or left and right, depending on screen size. I don't think this is...
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    Where's the New Posts option?

    Or if you're on mobile the burger menu in the bottom right of your screen, and under Community.
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    Where's the New Posts option?

    For those of you who miss the old New Posts page; this is how you can use that feature here on the new platform. Click on Recent Posts in the top sub-menu. Then to the right of that you have the option to view the page as List or Card, choose List. Then in the filter to the right tick Unread...
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    Opening Bank accounts for sizeable real estate transactions

    Short answer is no you cannot open the bank account in their name, the bank will want to and need to deal with the PSC's for the business and will be required to conduct their due-diligence on them. As a general rule no banks have any appetite for working with UK companies with no UK based...
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    Business Data Group

    Business Data Group is the company business UK Business Forums, and is run by the original founder of UKBF Richard Osborne
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    Blog Posts

    Something must have happened with the developers after I went to bed last night, as the blogging module has been uninstalled. It will be sorted but yes there's an issue currently but as of right now I don't know what the issue is/was.
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