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    1. amandajanepl

      I could understand what the person was saying regarding affiliates. Maybe he or she is just not very good at typing and did not remember to spell check!
    2. jackchafer
      NCA i have added a little section for Alska, just for you lol hope you like
    3. MikeD08
      Just out of interest, how do you know of Corporate Software?
    4. Pipster
      Thanks for responsing so quickly, i've answered your questions as best i can,

      Are you after an integrated unit (PC,screen, keyboard, till draw all in one unit) or are you happy to have a PC and and connect up lots of kit to it? I would prefer an integrated unit as we don't have much space on the counter. Although i could use a computer according to fashione, they said it would run off both, not to sure about software, although i've been playing around with their system this week and it's good.

      Do you want to use barcodes? I've purchased a scanner from ebay and have attached it to the back office.

      Do you want credit/debit card integration? No, I currently use a separate card read so happy to continue using that.

      Would need a receipt printer though.
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