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    LCL shippment quote from Mumbai to Southmapton

    Hi CT1212 I work for a freight forwarder and would be happy to give you a quote. Could you drop me an e-mail to [email protected] and I'll revert with suitable options. Regards Mike Foulds
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    small import from france

    Hi. Technically, you COULD submit all necessary information to HMRC, and clear the cargo yourself, BUT, it's not an easy process, involves registering for online systems, and learning how to use them (There is no real instruction/support when using the systems). A middleman has software which...
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    Uk customs, goods from China

    Thanks Paul. Will do my best to help and assist as always :-)
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    Uk customs, goods from China

    Hi. There are alot of freight forwarders available, all of whom could assist (For reference, I work for one), I would doing a Google search for Freight Forwarders near you, and then contacting 3 who you believe sound reputable. I would ask them for 3 service options, and quotes, and then work...
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    Containers stuck at the port incurring storage charges

    Just my thoughts on this, but don't forget that the ports are not owned by the shipping lines, and they are entitled to charge for storage at rates which, as far as I am aware, haven't increased. HGV drivers are a nationwide shortage, which is now well publicised in the media, with major...
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    Looking for Connections (Sea Freight)

    Hi Phil, I work for a freight forwarder based in Sunbury on Thames. We have various contracts with multiple shipping lines, some with protected space. I would be happy to discuss your requirements and how we could potentially help. My e-mail is [email protected], and I hope to...
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    Avoiding unreasonable charges when importing (unloading in port)

    OK, the above make a bit more sense. You are basically shipping a large shipment via LCL. I would strongly recommend you speak with a UK forwarder, and ask them to quote their best service option on an FOB basis, including their UK costs. For a 1.5m cube crate, it should be relatively...
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    Avoiding unreasonable charges when importing (unloading in port)

    Hi Vitotitto. Your comments above are a little ambiguous, in that they don't mention if you are bringing in a full container, or is this being brought in as a part shipment. There are various options and yes, costs are involved, but, depending on your exact requirement, they will vary. Do you...
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    UK Import Charges- Too High?

    No problem, happy to help. Just a comment, you mention: The importer we used is advising that the charges are port fees (THC) and delay fees as the ship could not dock for 48 hours? Delay fees is absolute rubbish, you should not receive any charges for that. You should also check the terms of...
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    UK Import Charges- Too High?

    Hi. Any customs entry should have been completed using software, which will print a copy of the customs entry, showing the breakdown of values, and any duty/invoice amounts. The Duty and VAT will be calculated based on the value of the goods, freight, insurance and an amount to cover UK costs...
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    Hi Amy, I saw your post on the forum about bags. I work with an importer of bags, and wanted to...

    Hi Amy, I saw your post on the forum about bags. I work with an importer of bags, and wanted to pass him your contact info. If of interest, he would get in touch. Please let me know,thanks
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    Should I Keep My Mold Tooling In China

    As has been mentioned by others, I would strongly recommend swapping agent, and looking a your options for forwarders. You need to be able to trust both, and they need to understand your working. FYI, I work for a UK forwarder, with partners worldwide including China, HOWEVER, my suggestion...
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    LCL shipment charge

    Now you're asking me to give away state secrets! LOL. TBH, if this was on a collect basis, I would expect you to pay under £300 for all UK costs EXCLUDING delivery. FYI, this isn't Cardinal Maritime's fault, they have been instructed what UK costs to collect by their office in origin. I have...
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    LCL shipment charge

    For the customs clearance (Excluding all other costs mentioned above, I would expect that to be under £55, depending on who does it.
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    LCL shipment charge

    I take it you mean this arrived on the 3rd April? Otherwise you will be facing a VERY large storage bill! In future, I would suggest you need to insist that your shipper advises, and allows you to check charges, prior to shipping, however, for this shipment unfortunately there's nothing you can...
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