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    1. BrighterTools
      Hi Mally,

      I just read your post on the UK Business Forum re digital online magazines.

      I have a London based software development company called Made4Print Limited and have some ideas and existing technologies for building an online/digital magazine interface.

      Last year we built an online Reading and Noting Studies application to help the Financial Times move these studies online, here is a link(please add the http : // bit) to what we did (click yes to the first question):

      Made4Pint own this software and the IP rights. If you think this technology for the reading and noting study/survey is something you could offer your clients, I would be pleased to build a demo and talk to you with regards a venture where you could re-sell the service.

      In addition to this, This technology can be used to build an online digital interface for magazines providing digital versions to subscribers or teasers for potential subscribers.

      This is definately not our core business and would propose that you would be selling this service whilst we would provide the software. The technology is obviously not that new or groundbreaking, but with the right sales channel could be beneficial to us. Let me know if you're interested.

      Mark Redman
      Made4Print Limited
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