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Jan 3, 2019
Apr 12, 2006
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UKBF Legend, from North West England

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Jan 3, 2019
    1. William Woodson
      William Woodson
      We are the Local gold Miners in republic of Ghana, We have gold dust & gold bar,cocoa beans,cocoa butter,cocoa powder for sale, we are looking for buyers, we need an organization or individual that can help us sell our gold and other commodities we have,
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    2. Wayne Simms
      Wayne Simms
      Hi we are FM RECYCLE and are looking for new customers to collect their unwanted ICT equipment could you kindly message me back and see if this would be for you :) thanks
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    3. mke
      booksdone both and .com available.

      I didn't want to post it publicly so you're the only one in the know. Didn't realise you have yuor PMs open to view. If you do them through us, it's £10 for the for two years and £10 per year, one to ten years, for the .com. All plus VAT. But it's for a co-member. No obligation about whether you do them through us.

      Good luck with it. Hope you get a great name whether or not it's that one.

    4. Dawg
      schiteza you were bored.
    5. AadilPFC
      hi Gillie could you please email me a car hire business plan template as i am interested in starting up a car hire business but am not willing to take any risks and want to be in a 100% win win position. I am from Reading and plan to start up in Reading hence it would be highly appreciated if you could help me and give me as much advice as possible. i will await your reply eagerly
    6. oneLondon

      are you a business advisor or do you work for a company that provides funding?
    7. stugster
      You're a dafty.

      I wonder how long it'll take for you to notice that message :D
    8. dp0848
      Its you!! :D:D
    9. markallen0071
      i received two ccjs on my business name and immediately satisfied them last week
      can i get them removed? and if so how??
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    10. stugster
      you smell of poo
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    11. The Master
      The Master
      I'm back. ;-)
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    12. An Oasis
      An Oasis
      Hiya G

      What's this friend bit? Only just seen the queue! ;)
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    13. mattwilcox2004
      Hi Gillie. Not sure how to PM you as have just registered on here. I seen on a previous post you mentioned that you lease cars to private hire companies. I am thinking about a sports/prestige/normal car hire business and wondered if you had any advice? Any help at all would be much appreciated! Regards, Matthew
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    14. Mr.Nabil
      Hello , I am Mr.Nabil from Algeria , I am working at the small and meduim enterprises office , and I would like to be in touch with you.
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    15. Oliver Sidwell
      Oliver Sidwell
      Hi Gillie,

      You commented on my Spotlight, my username is Oliver Sidwell...
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    16. sirearl
      Hi Gill if you sort your titles out your rankings will improve quite a lot.
      Titles are responsible for a very large proportion of a sites ranking ability.
      If you started a title "Commercial Finance..........................................e.t.c" it would give your site a big boost for that phrase.

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    North West England
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    Layered Onion
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    Marketing / PR
    Local SEO Company based in Lancashire that gets various trades ranked on that all important first page of google in the maps section.
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