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Employment Law Clinic

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Oct 19, 2021
    1. dido99
      Hi Karl, I have been working for company since January 2009, extremely stressful and very hard work not helping that small family company and a lot of bickering between directors. Company has grown in past 4 years with primarily 1 large customer. I have provided customer service to said customer without fault, but was constantly getting told I was too soft and too nice and should let their own (customers) service deal with their problems as I worked for them not (customer). I had a breakdown in October due to stress at work - constant in house fighting and back stabbing each other - you couldn't do right for doing wrong. Since I have been off with stress and anxiety (doctors lines etc) I have continued to receive emails and calls and texts every day from work in relation to services for the customer which I solely dealt with in office and have continued to do from home, emails and calls would start at 7 in the morning and I would get attitude if I did not respond quickly. One of the directors would come up to my house several times to discuss work. On one occasion he said the other 2 directors wanted rid of me as they had someone else doing my (other jobs) and there wasn't a real job for me to go back to, but I could retain the work I was doing and continue to do from home (very complicated and I will explain further later). I have been on SSP from day one, even though I have been making them money on a weekly basis from home. I had a meeting with the other 2 directors last week, they asked if I wanted to come back and that it would only be part time if I did as they had employed someone else, I told them the whole environment within work contributed greatly to my breakdown and also the fact that the other director (the one who came to my house several times) his wife had come to my house also (she works for the company) while I was off sick to confront me about he fact her husband had been coming up to my home!!!! Which I was extremely upset about and totally shocked as was my therapist. I do not think I can go back into this horrible environment but do not know where I stand legally, I know this is a lot to answer but I dearly need some advice please. Many thanks Dido x
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    Done a little bit of employment law - was discussing Hair Division v Macmillan only recently (a case that started on these forums)
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