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UKBF Legend, Male, from Brighton / London

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Sep 23, 2021
    1. Wayne-SAF
      Is it possible I can get this thread deleted. ecommerce> Off the Shelf Shops, Stock Allocation?? (Tiger COmmerce)

      no one else has posted in it, and its a misunderstanding, and I dont need to be asking the question now?

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    2. KateCB
      Hi Duane,

      Just to let you know that our office manager Zoe is beside herself with glee.....MYOB has been packed up and will leave us tomorrow; she says that KashFlow is so easy and 'pretty' she loves it.She created a new customer, produced and invoice, paid it, put the money into the bank account and emailed the customer the invoice without having to search or ask for help - unlike MYOB where she spent what felt like days on the telephone!

      So, a big thanks - happy staff are always welcome!

      Karate-Kid Ltd
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    3. aje
      Nice picture Duane!

      I thought it was about time I joined the 21st century so here I am. Now I don't have a clue about what to do next!
    4. perplex
      Hi, could you please move my thread to the Accounting section. www. ukbusinessforums.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=102106
      as I think it would be more appropriate there.

    5. please help
      please help
      I love kashflow, just got the trial for my son
    6. jutimskip
      Thank you, I did in the end receive some helpful infomation, which I'm grateful for and I will follow up.
    7. jutimskip
      Hi please take a look at my post today in General Business, I'm not happy about the how I've been treated by other member's, some of them full members, please advise me on how to deal with this, Many thanks Jutimskip
    8. ENS
      I have posted a new topic in the offerings section, I have had no confirmation that this is added and if it will be. Please could you let me know the circumstances of this topic please.
    9. jkchawner
      thanks duane for putting a stop to what was making it almost impossable to carry on
    10. milo
      Hi there - Just wondering if the xxx promo code for Kash Flow from 2006 is still valid? If not, are there any other offers/promos on at the moment? Thanks. Milo.
    11. robwoollen
      Hi Duane,
      Sorry to bother you - I wasn't sure how best to go about this.

      I have a thread entitled "New Employee Wellbeing service - would this interest you?" which I posted yesterday. In the post is contained the link to my temp page so people can view my idea. So that i could track how many people had come from here, I used a different domain for the link. However i had not reckoned on how quickly Google updates off UKBF. This could lead to Google marking my site down for duplication.

      So... I was hoping you could use your moderator powers and either change the url to "www DOT fitforwork DOT co DOT uk F/SLASH sme DOT htm" or just delete the entire thread (nobody has been bothered to reply anyway


    12. stewartsetter
      Hi Duane, when is the next night out?? Have not been up to town for ages.

    13. bobbarton
      Hi,ive just joined,Bob
    14. KidsBeeHappy

      Sent you an email. Many thanks.
      Iain Sims are accountants.

      Kind regards
    15. accounts
      Hello friend i need a copy of the marketing guide for accountants if you could mail me the same i woud be highly obliged....

      shaeqpasha(at the rate) gmail (dot) com
    16. Lasting Designs
      Lasting Designs
      Hi there mate,

      I got your call a week or so back, I don't have a problem with the Kashflow, my employer had placed a few caviats onto me prior to releasing me from their employments. As a business, I had to stop until the process was completed, so used the time to install some decking and put up a studio in the garden. I'm pretty close to restarting having just won a small but regular contract which if nothing else will see some money going inwards for a change. I've also have to complete my tax form, and with a record of mainly out-goings, I'm gonna put into the bank a lump sum, get the reciepts and other monies sorted then to an accountant and set the Kashflow account accordingly...

      I'm very impressed with the inroads you've been making and look forward to getting the best from Kashflow very soon.

      All the best,

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    Web Developer
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    Founded KashFlow Accounting Software, an early SaaS company. Sold in 2013 to IRIS.

    Now working on supdate.com
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