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May 24, 2021
    1. Nitisha Burnwal
      Nitisha Burnwal
      I am a newcomer member on this forum. Are there any journalists in this forum who would be looking at Startup Tutoring business success stories?
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    2. Drcleaner
      Can anyone give on advice on getting new cleaning contract and people interested in my business really struggling here?
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    3. tmobileagent
      hi kinder, you just select a category, and in category either you can create a question or post a answer of a question
    4. kinder
      hello I'm new here. I don't know how to post on this forum . Can you help me?
      Seekin a partner to help raise finance for startup VOD platform & produce original content aimed at 48m Nigerian Internet users, plus Nigerian diaspora of 3,250,000 in US & 3,000,000 in UK
    6. John Mountford
      John Mountford
      hello there sir, I have a question please if you don't mind.
      its about applying a rel="nofollow" to a affiliate link plz could you help me.
    7. Andycharger
      please take a look at my last post
    8. RoyalGold
      We are a royal family in Ghana dealing with raw gold and diamond, we are currently looking for buyer of raw gold and diamond. kindly write uss on this email : royal.rawgold_dealer @ if any interesting, we are ready to serve you better.

      Thanky you
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    9. iwoona12
      Hi would you be able to advise me about start up business in property industry..Please inbox me on private, Many thanks
    10. G. Lasagne
      G. Lasagne
      hi steve, could you give me a "rough" idea on how much it would cost for a ppc campaign. is it dependant on my spend or your time, its just a roughidea i am after please?


      gasangelheating. co. u k
    11. grangejoinery
      I'm just starting using adwords on google. So far I've identified that I need to use phrases rather then just words to produce clicks on my website. I was wondering if you have any advice for me, as I'm a joiner with limited knowledge in this field. My company is called Grange Joinery and I'm based in Hull and we specialise in laminate flooring supplying and fitting. I've got most the phrases right to suit our business but have only had 7 clicks from over 8000 impressions and I'm not sure that is good enough or wether it's just because I'm new advertiser. Also what is the difference between the starter edition and the standard pack?

      any advice would be a help Steve.

      thanks in advance
    12. left-long-ago
      HI steve are you on any messenger? I have most of them.
    13. Glottenham
      Hi Steve. So have you bought into Weiss Safe Money deal then? Presume it can be done from the UK.

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