Jan 17, 2010
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Warning: If you're best off with paid, professional legal, a/c or other advice, and are trying to wing it, you won't like my replies ;) Sep 18, 2017

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    the EXIT firm
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    Accounting / Finance
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    I assist business owners who want to sell their businesses. I've assisted hundreds of small business (under £1 Million turnover) owners with all the expertise they needed to go to market and maximise the value extracted. I assist larger businesses - £1M+ - find the right business broker. I blog about latest M&A resources here.

    More info on me is at my LinkedIn profile together with links to articles/books I've written, recommendations from past clients ... and much else. Connect with me there.



    Want to sell your business? Attend my free event to find out how to maximise the price you get.

    -Clinton Lee, founder UK Business Brokers - the UK's largest directory and knowledge base covering corporate finance firms, commercial real estate agents, business brokers, M&A boutiques and all the other firms that sell businesses.