Jan 17, 2010
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If you're looking to BUY a business, whether payroll or otherwise, please don't contact me! Do it properly and go hire a buy-side broker. Mar 15, 2019

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    the EXIT firm
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    Accounting / Finance
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    Feel free to send me a PM.
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    I assist business owners who want to sell their businesses. I've assisted hundreds of small business (under £1 Million turnover) owners with all the expertise they needed to go to market and maximise the value extracted. I assist larger businesses - £1M+ - find the right business broker. I blog about latest M&A resources here.

    More info on me is at my LinkedIn profile together with links to articles/books I've written, recommendations from past clients ... and much else. Connect with me there.



    Want to sell your business? If it's a micro business (under £1m in sales per year): Sell your business yourself.

    Want the right business broker for a larger business? I own the most comprehensive set of intelligence on the UK's 1000+ firms/professionals incl. their sector specialisations, fees, competencies, qualifications, awards, FCA status, success rates, you name it. Selling a business is a big deal, choose partners very, very carefully.