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With the number of home buyers on the market these days looking to snap up homes for sale, it's essential to put your best foot forward. A new study reveals that 69% of property viewings are abandoned by potential buyers even before they set foot inside. Though most people agree that property layout and location are critical factors in their decision, they also expect homes to reflect their style, be clean and smell good upon entry, and ultimately make them feel comfortable.

It's a fact—what your home's exterior looks like is the first thing people notice. And it's no surprise. After all, the exterior of a property is the first thing that visitors see. That's why many potential buyers judge your property on its exterior before they even step inside.

In order to attract the broadest possible market, which is quickly becoming more and more online-based, there are several simple things you can do to make your home appear more saleable.

Start with cleaning the outside of your stonework, walls and driveway with a pressure jet washing can bring a property up to a new-looking condition in a matter of hours. This is excellent news for those looking to sell, as it means homeowners will not have as much work to complete as their property is viewed as a blank canvas awaiting its new owner's personal touch.

Your home may need some pressure jet washing of your stonework. Pressure Jet Washing is a professional process that can easily remove dirt and grime, giving your property the perfect canvas for a new coat of paint or wallpaper.

Have you just moved into a brand new home, and the driveway is spotty and needs to be pressure jet washed? Do you wish to restore your driveway but don't want to do it yourself? We can help with our cleaning service! We come to your home and professionally pressure washing to clean away the dirt, oil stain, weeds and dust from your driveway.

Jet Wash driveway block paving quickly and easily. The powerful, high-pressure jet blast removes all traces of salt and other stains in seconds. Also, pressure jet washing can loosen and remove even the toughest grime, mould and oil stains.

If you have tiny cracks or potholes where water can get into the drive, we can fill these for you with tarmac or sand. This will also allow the water to drain better, which will avoid any further cracks.

To get a free pressure washing quote go to or call us on 07960 485 880
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