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Release Date: 4/11/2021 has launched today, providing an alternative to the well-known scheduling service currently available from the same company, ensuring that users can get the right scheduling solution for their needs. Although is a highly flexible and extensive solution and can service the meeting scheduling market, some users wanted and needed a more straightforward solution to solve their meeting scheduling needs.

[Quote - Ingvar Gudmundsson Founder of]

"We're signing up over 10,000 new companies every month, but we noticed that a certain number decided not to stay with us, and many of those started using some of the simpler, less expensive solutions on the market. We now want to address this issue and offer an extremely easy to set-up meeting scheduler at an excellent price. We are confident that many of the users trying our solution are actually looking for, which we can now offer them."

Understanding that is not the perfect option for servicing the more simplistic meeting appointment market, the team decided to launch a simpler solution to cater to those needs. Building a new solution from scratch was not a good option, and after scouring the market for opportunities, acquired the CalDav based Harmonizely solution.

The Harmonizely brand name was considered a drawback on the future evolution of the product and not in line with brand. So we are launching the new solution as, a brand that fits well into the "Simply[ ].me" family. is now available as an efficient solution for meeting scheduling, primarily targeted at users who don't require several interconnected resources, complex business logic, and a multitude of booking channels for their business. It allows anyone to connect their personal and work calendars easily and lets people effortlessly schedule one-on-one and team meetings. It's the ideal solution for any type of meeting and large companies with significant internal conference requirements from HR to Sales and Marketing.

Integration with multiple external calendars and the specific compatibility with CalDAV calendars makes highly flexible for use with a broad array of calendars. Additionally, the number of video calling platforms that integrate seamlessly with the meeting scheduler makes it an ideal candidate for remote consultations and collaborations. It is an essential tool for those who schedule their time efficiently and want something simple, easy to use, and clean looking.

[Quote Rut Steinsen - CEO of ltd]

"While some in the team initially thought it could be risky to offer a competing solution at a lower price and that this could cause us to cannibalise our existing users, we are now all fully aligned and excited about the launch of We are convinced that by offering both and, a large portion of our new users will find the right solution for their needs, which in the end is mutually beneficial."

The final judgment on whether the new solution will cater to users or not will become known in the weeks and months ahead. Ltd. is a global ISO 27001 certified company with offices in 5 countries. They have a clear mission - to bring people and service businesses together - by helping them book services online no matter where they are when they need it or which service they want. is an outstanding online scheduling solution for small and medium-sized businesses of all types. Providing high-quality booking services for tens of thousands of companies worldwide, helping them grow and prosper. Our reputable and secure scheduling system is designed to make bookings easy and comfortable for our users and their clients! ltd. Reg.No.: HE387490 VAT No.: 10387490F. E-mail: [email protected]. Address: 21 Karaiskaki str., Oasis Center, 3032 Limassol, Cyprus.


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