Im back in the land of the living....

Couple of weeks ago I started the quest for office space, in that week I came down with a pretty nasty lurgy thing that buggered me up for a it turned out it was a mixture of fatigue and .........drum roll please...............a touch of pregnancy:D

So I figured this was the best way to let everyone know that I haven't dropped off the planet, and huge apologies to those of you I had arranged to speak with. Will be in touch tomorrow.

So whilst I laugh in the face of bad timing and link pinkies with the fickle finger of fate,
The fella & I over the moon.....Shotgun wedding to follow shortly:)


Congrats Catherine. Now you really have your work cut out for you :) All the best
Oh congrats on the soon to be

Also glad you are feeling better.

Jayne x
Thanks You Guys,

All seems tickerty-boo at the Mo, trying to get my momentum going again is more nackering than I thought. especially all the back and forth toilet one told me you peed this much when your pregnant!:rolleyes::) Think Im still in shock TBH.

Now maybe a good time to go back to that wedding thread..fill in the blanks .. maybe ask the guys what they think about the best places to do it quickly and on the sly:D

I'm sure I will be back to usual self soon enough.:)
:( Whoever named morning sickness 'Morning sickness' was lying,,,,,

to ad to that,,,,I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bloke.:rolleyes:

To my horror, Ive discovered Morning sickness does not suddenly stop at lingers on into the rest of the day :(

Heres to being one grumpy vomiting cow for the next few weeks (or were they lying about that as well)

Pregnant wynge over .;)
Hope you're feeling Ok Hun? - get past week 14 and it gets much easier (until you get down to the last few weeks, that is! ;) )
Congratulations on your pregnancy - I know exactly how you're feeling as I experienced "morning" sickness for more than half my pregnancy. After I lost a stone in a week (before I was 12 weeks gone) I was nearly hospitalised (GP disagreed with midwife so I was treated at home) with hyperemesis so if it gets excessive talk to your Dr or midwife because you don't have to suffer.

I never did find anything that helped to ease it despite trying everything. The only advice I can give is to keep drinking loads of water and eat regularly.

Hoping it settles down really soon.
Cheers for the support guys, Lynn you sounded like you had a really hard time :( - I certainly hope things get better after 14 weeks, Im all over the place at the moment, finding it a little hard to focus if Im honest,,Its wierd having been such a driven individual to find myself go off on tangents - day dreaming - then crying - very strange behaviour for me, almost laughable...think im just going to run with it at the mo...(bless)

What do you think about the blog spam guys? Had an Idea, Do you think it would be only fair to reciprocate the above unwanted irrelevent spam by sending 'pretty sunny' a 'sample of my morning sickness in the post? LOL
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