Employee Experience: Beyond the Paycheck

When it comes to job satisfaction there are many factors that play a part. Pay and compensation is of course of high importance to employees. However, there are other elements that are just as, if not more, significant when it comes to employee satisfaction. Being paid a high salary is of little benefit if you are unhappy in your role. Feeling appreciated, having a good relationship with management and colleagues, having a good work-life balance and effective communication are all factors that contribute to employee satisfaction, which cost the employer very little.

How can you improve employee satisfaction?

1. Give employees more control
Giving employees more control is a great way to boost morale. Happier employees are more productive and are more likely to stay in a position.

One way of giving your employees more control is by allowing them to have access to certain functions that empower them to manage their work lives without having to go to their manager or HR. BrightPay Connect is an add on to BrightPay’s payroll software that can help improve the employee experience. BrightPay Connect includes a smartphone and tablet app that gives employees secure self-service access anytime, anywhere, using their smartphone or tablet.

Through the employee app, employees can:
  • Request leave – anytime, anywhere
  • View current and past payslips
  • View employee documents
  • View how much leave they have used and how much is remaining
  • Update the details the employer has on file for them (e.g. phone number, address etc.)

2. Allow employees to work flexibly
Another way to give employees more control is to allow them to work flexibly. Flexible working is a way of working that suits employee’s needs and can include working from home, hybrid working, working reduced hours or job sharing. Flexible working allows employees to have a better work-life balance. However, one difficulty with flexible working is that with everyone on different schedules and working from various locations it can become difficult for employers to manage their employees.

BrightPay Connect’s employer dashboard helps you manage your employees as they work flexibly. When an employee submits a leave request you will receive a notification to the dashboard, and from there, the request can be either approved or denied. A company-wide calendar can also be viewed allowing you to see who is on leave, the type of leave and the duration of the leave; making it easier for you to control staffing levels. You also have the option of delegating the handling of certain employee's annual leave to other managers, all in all making it easier for everyone to adjust to flexible working.

3. Communicate better with employees
Effective communication with employees is very important. Bad communication or a lack of communication can leave employees feeling frustrated and confused. It is important to check in with your staff regularly to make sure their needs are being met and there is nothing that is being overlooked.

Contracts of employment, a staff handbook and other documents on company policies allow businesses to be clear on where they stand on certain issues and on what is expected of the employee. BrightPay Connect’s document sharing feature allows you to share important documents with multiple employees at once. The employee will receive a push notification on their smartphone every time a new document has become available, or one has been updated, meaning they won’t miss any important information. From the employer dashboard you can see who has opened which documents and who has not.


4. Don’t break their trust
When employees trust their employer, they are more likely to share the same goals and work better together. One way trust can be easily broken is when an employee is not paid on time or not paid the correct amount. BrightPay is a payroll software that automates many payroll tasks, meaning you can have peace of mind that employees’ pay is being calculated correctly. Through BrightPay, you can also pay employees directly from the payroll software within 90 seconds. Payments are processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means there is less of a chance of you paying employees late which can lead to a loss of trust that can be difficult to build back up.

5. Build a strong company culture
When an employee feels their needs and values are similar to the needs and values of the company they work for, they are more likely to feel happy and fulfilled. One thing that is becoming increasingly important to employees is to be part of a company that cares about the environment and makes a conscious effort to reduce the impact they have on the environment.

At BrightPay we are on a mission to make more sustainable business choices. In a recent BrightPay UK survey we asked our customers how important it was for them to choose suppliers that are more sustainable; with 84% responding that it was of some importance to them.

As we become increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the environment, many employees feel happier when they know they are working for a company that holds these values.

To learn more about how BrightPay Payroll and BrightPay Connect can help you improve the employer experience, why not book a free demo today.

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