Employee Apps - The Next Big Thing In Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service is a growing trend in human resource management. However, a lot of people still don’t fully understand what this term means and what specific benefits it can have for their business.

In simple terms, employee self-service is a tool that allows employees to access their personal data and make any changes needed, such as updating a new phone number or postal address. But employee self-service has evolved beyond this fundamental function to facilitate many other features that can have a big impact on how employees interact with their employers online.

For example, BrightPay Connect is an industry-leading cloud portal which has been designed to provide sophisticated employee self-service and allow employees to carry out a number of tasks online from anywhere, at any time.

What Is BrightPay Connect?
BrightPay Connect is an optional cloud add-on to our payroll software which can be accessed from anywhere with a good internet connection. Connect brings payroll and human resources functionality together to create a portal that acts as a central hub for employees and managers alike.

Included in BrightPay Connect are the following features:
  • An employee self-service app which is free to download for all iOS and Android users.
  • An employee portal which acts as a central online hub for employees.
  • A historical payslip archive where they can download payslips directly to their smartphone or tablet.
  • An annual leave management system which allows employees to request leave from their devices.
  • Information regarding the employee’s annual leave entitlement, their leave balance remaining, and when it needs to be used by.
  • Access to the employee’s own personal data and the ability to request edits such as new phone numbers or updated postal addresses.
  • A document upload feature which allows employees to view and download important documents which they have been given access to.

Self-Service In The BrightPay Connect Employee App - The Benefits
BrightPay Connect was designed to streamline the payroll and human resource processes that take up a huge amount of time for any business. As such, its employee self-service has a number of benefits that have a real, tangible impact on your business.
  • Payroll administrators spend less time and money printing off payslips and posting them out. With BrightPay Connect, payslips are automatically distributed to employees via the employee app at a time designated by the payroll processor. Payslips are then stored safely and securely on the cloud. Employees can view their historical payslip archive anytime and download their payslips directly to their device via the app.
  • Managing annual leave has never been as easy or as efficient as it is with BrightPay Connect. From their app, employees can request annual leave easily without having to fill out endless forms. The request immediately appears in the dashboard of their line manager/HR manager, who can then approve or reject it based on the company calendar which is also on their dashboard.
  • Line managers or HR managers can upload documents to BrightPay Connect. They can choose to give access to an individual, a particular department or everyone in the company. Furthermore, they can upload and store documents that are only accessible to them which is great for employee files etc. and they can view a time-stamped log of everyone who has viewed a document, and when. This feature is especially useful with remote working becoming increasingly commonplace.

Book A BrightPay Connect Demo Today
If you’re an employer or human resources manager who’s trying to incorporate employee self-service into your business, then book a free BrightPay Connect demo now. On your demo a member of our team will show you all of the many features that BrightPay Connect offers, and they can explain to you the benefits of each in more detail.


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