BrightPay introduces fast, secure payments to payroll, powered by Modulr

BrightPay has partnered with the FinTech Modulr to offer a fast, secure and easy way to make payments part of payroll. The integration embeds payments directly into the payroll software, giving users a seamless and secure way to make payments at the same time as running payroll.

Modulr replaces the need for accountants, payroll bureaus and employers to upload payment files to their bank, and instead make payments to employees through BrightPay as part of the payroll process. All the payroll manager needs to do is approve the payment and ensure their Modulr account is topped up.

Modulr’s platform allows BrightPay to sync payroll calculations to payment entries, removing the need for manual processes through automation technology. This, in turn, saves payroll managers precious time by eliminating costly human errors when processing payroll payments, which becomes particularly critical when dealing with large numbers of employees’ salaries and high transaction values.

Through the partnership, BrightPay provides superior efficiency for payroll managers with a seamless payroll workflow, while retaining the process security to which they are accustomed. Leveraging Modulr’s direct access to the UK’s real-time payments network, Faster Payments, BrightPay can help payroll managers deliver payroll on time, every time, with the flexibility of instant emergency payments.

Paul Byrne, MD at BrightPay:

“The traditional payroll process, while an essential part of business operations, is a hindrance to payroll managers. It’s simply inefficient, prone to mistakes and vulnerable to online attackers. And takes up too much of a payroll manager’s already stretched time. We’re proud to be working with Modulr to finally bring payments into the payroll process, and drive the efficiencies that all businesses need.”

Tom Kelly, accountancy and employment services lead at Modulr:

“With the rate of technological innovation in payments, it makes little sense for traditional payroll systems to be disconnected from the payment mechanism. Powered by Modulr, BrightPay’s new service ensures flexibility by bringing a host of benefits to customers who can now send ultra-fast, secure payments that saves them time and headaches.”

Interested in learning more? Register for our free webinar to learn more about BrightPay’s integration with Modulr.

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