BrightPay integration with FreeAgent adds up to more productive payroll

Once upon a time, payroll software and accounting systems stood side by side but they never spoke or communicated directly with each other. Today API integrations have transformed the world of payroll into something much more powerful. API stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’, or put into layman's terms, means that two systems can communicate with each other.

Growing understanding of the value of payroll software integration
Payroll administration is synonymous with repetitive data entry. One of the biggest problems faced by payroll teams is the need to manually import payroll data into their bookkeeping package. This requirement presented a burdensome and time-consuming scenario. In the absence of direct payroll journal API integration, users had to manually enter the payroll data into their accounts system.

Accountants now have a growing understanding and expectation that their payroll system should directly communicate with other systems. Integrating your payroll solution with your accounting or bookkeeping software makes sense for many reasons, including efficiency, time-saving and improved workflows.

BrightPay and FreeAgent: A match made in heaven
BrightPay has teamed up with one of the UK’s most innovative accounting software companies, FreeAgent. BrightPay and FreeAgent now offer an API facility to directly communicate payroll information between the payroll and accounting application. Users can produce the payroll journal file that is specifically formatted for FreeAgent, allowing users to easily upload their payroll figures into their general ledger.

Payroll integration to mark the end of error-prone double entry?
Double entry of payroll figures is notorious for producing errors, which then have to be identified and rectified. BrightPay’s API offering has made it possible for the instant flow of payroll information from the payroll software to FreeAgent, eliminating much of the associated drudgery and potential for errors.

Payroll data can now be transferred without fuss into FreeAgent’s accounts package at the click of a button. The need to manually export and import CSV files is instantly eliminated, and in its place, the payroll manager has time for more productive activities.

Complimentary award-winning software solutions
It’s an appropriate link-up for two companies who have both been recognised with awards by the accounting profession in recent years. FreeAgent is a cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting solution while BrightPay is a dedicated payroll software with its own cloud-based add-on. Both are highly regarded for their easy-to-use software, intuitive and attractive interface, affordable pricing, excellent customer support and suitability for small businesses.

Through integrating systems, FreeAgent allows BrightPay software to take care of the technical and complex, leaving you to complete other tasks important to your business.

Book a free online demo and find out more about BrightPay’s API integration with accounting packages.


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