How to make leaflet drops more effective

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    You’d think in this era of pay-per-click and Google ads that leafleting would have been consigned to the past. And yet, when you go through the Forums, you’ll find that the door drop is actually more popular than ever.

    That’s because it’s a no-fuss, cost effective entry point to promoting your business both locally and nationally. The beauty of the door drop is that despite its low barrier of entry, it’s also an art form that can be fine tuned to garner some impressive ROI.

    Clynderwen& Cardiganshire Farmers ltd (CCF) is an example of a business that has gone all-in on door drops, with impressive results. CCF is a farmers cooperative that started with an annual campaign of 12,000 brochure door drops.

    Using the Royal Mail’s Door to Door service, the co-op saw increasing sales during the promotion period by between 5-8%. CCF now does over 400,000 annual door drops, with plans to expand further.

    92% of people read door drops that are delivered to their home – and 67% were prompted to make a purchase as a result of receiving door drops. Download the free guide to learn what the Royal Mail service can do for you.

    How you use as a distributor is crucial. As UKBF member Accountancy Lab bluntly put it: don’t engage with “a company that gets 13-year-olds to post 1% and dump the rest in the nearest bin”. So you need a reliable distributor that can scale when needed. But that’s just one part of the equation. Reach and effective distribution needs to be coupled with a well thought out and designed leaflet.

    According to UKBF member Jason Mageehan, the key is to keep it simple. “Not too many colours or elements,” he writes. “Be clear in what you’re offering - it should be obvious who you are and what you do. Tell your story in good pictures.”

    With photos, Mageehan suggests employing a photographer. A landscaper can, for example, take the photographer along on a couple of jobs to document their work. “Those images will last you for years and pay themselves back time and time again,” he says.

    The door drop item should offer a clear, defined way to contact you, too. But don’t confuse the reader, either. “Avoid putting ‘email/SMS/Whatsapp/Skype/mobile/landline/app’,” says Mageehan.

    The Royal Mail’s own market research found three key contact routes you should cover: 59% of people visited a website to find out more, 33% phoned and 7% followed on social media. If you have a physical store then, of course, list your address: 37% of people visited in-store.

    Your marketing shouldn’t stop once you’ve gotten the job either. If you’re a tradesman or some sort of service, MBE2017 advises to “knock on the doors of five houses each side of the job”, explain who you are and ask whether you can be of service. Each job you do, leave a dozen flyers with your customer, adds Jason Mageehan.

    Wevet agrees, advising another UKBFer with a landscape service to get “really clear sign writing” on his van and targeting area where he’s worked previously. “If you have an ongoing job, with the customer's permission, put a small sign up at the gate entrance,” Wevet adds.

    You may want to make some offers in your leaflet to entice the reader, but this comes with a caveat too. As Mageehan says, don’t fall into the trap of lowering your prices (and thereby lowering your clients expectations).

    “Use offers to increase spend, increase value and increase interaction. Don't be drawn into the trap of reducing prices, you'll just end up with nightmare clients who want to spend £8.50 on their entire house conversion and will balk at the bill whatever the cost is.

    “Remember, there's 60 million people in the UK - so get your marketing in place and hit the streets, you're always just looking for ONE more client in a sea of 60 million!”

    Not sure how many houses to deliver to? The Royal Mail’s free data reports can help improve the accuracy of your campaign by pinpointing how many households to target within a specified area. First time users can also receive up to 10% off door drop distributions. Get the official guide to door drops from the Royal Mail here.