How to build and market your brand and do so fabulously

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    Entrepreneur Tricia Cusden founded the ‘pro-age’ make-up brand Look Fabulous Forever when she was 65 years old.

    Initially investing her own money in the business, Tricia has gone on to grow the company from a start-up idea to an international offering, with customers in 28 countries, and turning over £1.5 million in 2016.

    Here, she offers her advice on how to build and successfully market your brand.

    Define your brand   

    Once you have established a strong business idea, and you start working on the overall brand, it is important to focus on how your original idea will be clearly and succinctly represented and communicated.

    At Look Fabulous Forever our brand is all about celebrating older women and encouraging them to feel fabulous despite having the odd wrinkle or grey hair. We therefore ensure this ethos and messaging is at the centre of everything we do.

    By having a core philosophy, it means we stand out from our competitors and offer customers something extra. It also means we don’t contradict ourselves and our customers can really buy into our beliefs and trust us as a result.

    It’s also helpful that I am the customer – I made sure the products genuinely work on older skin so our brand has an authenticity and personality which also helps us stand out from the crowd.

    Keep it clear

    When taking your brand to market, be sure your messages are clear and concise.

    In the commercial world, a brand needs to capture and inspire people almost instantly. Although your passion for the business may feel like too much to convey in a couple of sentences, when taking it to market decide on a few brief, consistent messages that are easy to convey to your target audience.

    Avoid being too repetitive but make your messages work together and complement each other. This will ensure your brand is memorable and identifiable.

    Trust customers and they’ll trust you

    It is important to grow a relationship of trust and confidence between the brand and its customers. At Look Fabulous Forever we are constantly listening to feedback and trying to develop our product offering.

    We ensure our marketing remains loyal to the brand’s beliefs, using only authentic older women as models, which makes us relatable to our audience. It is important to not be afraid to change and develop your business to suit demand and adapt with their needs.

    Good marketing will bring in customers, but it’s the brand and product that inspire repeat business.  We have also found bringing Trustpilot onto the site has been helpful in giving customers an instant way to rate us and read reviews which they find instantly reassuring.


    To capture the interest of your audience, try to use a variety of print and online mediums to engage with your customers.

    The notion that older people aren’t online is untrue (75% of women over 50 now log on at least once a day) and we’ve had a fantastic response to the online make-up videos and blogs we post online. I’d go so far as to say YouTube and Facebook were both critical to our growth.

    They allowed us to operate on a global basis in a way which would have been impossible 10 years ago. As important as it is to be in the digital space, it is also important to be seen in print – many people argue that it’s a dying trade but I disagree – I’d say it offers people a rare treat to be able to take the time out and enjoy a good newspaper or magazine article!

    You also can’t beat third party endorsement in the form of a journalist or blogger. Every time we get any kind of press mention, we see a spike in visitors to the website followed by sales, so PR for our business has been another key ingredient of our success.

    Avoid unnecessary gimmicks and mimics

    When marketing your product make sure not to include gimmicks or patronise your audience. Avoid overusing your logo and focus on what makes you unique without mimicking bigger chains.

    Customers today are savvier than ever before and they can see though companies that attempt to spin and gloss their way into sales.

    It’s best to be bold, innovative and know what your brand stands for, and carry this throughout your marketing strategy.

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    Interesting article Tricia, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I like to compare brands to people. You can change the style of clothes, the people you associate yourself with and even your hair colour. The exterior is just a way of grabbing or avoiding attention. What people really care about is who you are inside, the values you believe in, the culture you bring and as you say, what you stand for.
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