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    While the digital age has brought us a whole new platform for connections, print marketing still has a place in the world of business. In fact, print marketing campaigns are often more successful than digital marketing strategies simply because of how familiar we’ve become with online advertising and promotions - so familiar, that we’re nearly numb to it.

    The best way to utilise your marketing budget is to strategically take advantage of all the resources at your disposal. That is, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    Investing time online and in social media networks is crucial in today’s digital age - but when paired with print marketing campaigns, your online tools are more effective than ever. By connecting with potential customers in a more intimate way - through snail mail - you can broaden your customer base by reaching those who don’t spend a lot of time online, and you’re building upon the relationships you have with the ones who do by connecting with them on another level.

    Here are seven keys to running a successful direct mail campaign.

    1.Find your target audience

    Because of the costs associated with direct mail campaigns, you want to be sure that you are targeting a specific market, rather than shooting in the dark. Take the time to think about the demographic you want to reach with a specific campaign or offer.

    Instead of mailing out your campaign to random recipients, create a mailing list from you list of current customers. If your goal is not only to make sales but also to expand your customer base, target individuals whose profiles and lifestyles match those of your existing customers, as they are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

    2.Aim for the bull’s eye

    Once you’ve established who you’re aiming for, be sure that your message is in line with your target. Craft your message specifically with your target audience in mind. When you are aiming for a precise goal with a precise message to match, you’re more likely to get the results you’re looking for.

    Direct mail campaigns are founded upon that personal connection. A recipient holds a printed product in their hands; it’s addressed to them. Be sure that your message is meant for them, too.

    3.Be clear

    Just like with digital marketing, your audience is not going to give you much time to get your message across. Instead of boring or overwhelming them with tons of text, keep it simple and to-the-point. Use imagery to help portray your message.

    Use a clear and compelling call-to-action so that your reader, within seconds, knows exactly who you are, what you’re offering, and why they should want it.


    Reward your reader for taking the time to look at your campaign by offering an incentive for them to do business with you. Discounts, free trials and exclusive offers should appeal to the audience you’re targeting. The goal of direct mail campaigns is to get a response from some of your recipients.

    The lesser the commitment on their part - and the sweeter the deal is for them - the more likely they’ll respond to your call-to-action.

    5.Design it right

    Before your recipient reads anything on your printed material, they’ll notice the design: the layout, the colours. They’ll get an immediate impression of your message and your business from the way your campaign is designed.

    Invest time and resources into creating an aesthetically appealing, clear and effective design that will grab your reader’s attention and convey your message efficiently and attractively.


    Like any marketing strategy, evaluation of results is key. By analysing your impact, you can create better, more effective marketing campaigns in the future.

    The trick to evaluation is to create the ability to track responses from a particular campaign. A few ways to do this include:

    • Include a reply-paid card or envelope with your mailing. This reduces the work of the recipient and gives you a sure way to know who has responded to your campaign.
    • Ask your customers how they found you.
    • Use a special code or link in your direct mail campaign.

    The more you analyse your strategies, the more you’ll learn about your customers and your message.

    From postcard to purchase, use these seven keys to unlock your marketing potential both online and in print.

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    I love Direct Mail, and as a digital agency, agree with you that printend mail works, and it works very well.

    I like the idea of the paid reply card.... i might "borrow" that :)
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