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Fresh Threads: Grants, ecommerce platforms and CCJ

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    Hi UKBFers,

    Welcome to Fresh Threads, our weekly roundup of the most popular threads, comments and advice from the forums. 

    Here are my top picks from the past week.

    1. CCJ for non-payment of rent


    I'm a business owner and 100% of my income comes through my company. I've not been able to pay my residential rent for the last six months as my income went to virtually zero due to lockdown.

    Without being served any papers or getting an opportunity to defend myself, the court issued me with a County Court Judgment.

    It's devastating. I've always kept my credit clean and my rent paid in full and in time before this. Is this the way this works? Surely I should have a chance to defend myself, be told of the court date or something?

    Mr D: Not entirely sure how you would defend the non-payment of rent without paying the rent, the debt exists.

    Paulears: The court will be sending out these documents as a matter of routine - so surely the system has gone wrong somewhere. If you got the result delivered, you need to find out why you were unaware.

    Mark T Jones: My knowledge is very out of date, but I recall a thing called the 'postal rule' which meant that proof of postage is proof of delivery, so if it was sent through any sort of recorded channel they might view it as being received by you. On the other hand, that may have changed.

    Newchodge: You should have received a 'letter before action', then a copy of the claim against you asking you for a response. If you did not respond, the landlord would have been granted a judgment in default and the court would send you a copy of that.

    2. Best ecommerce platform.


    In a minefield of ecommerce, which is the best platform to use for around £50 per month? I’m doing a 28-day trial with EKM, but find them to be slow. I’m looking at Wix, but just confused by all the choices.

    fisicx: There is no best, it is just the most suitable for your business. It all depends on what you are selling to whom and how you plan to market your products.

    Rob1985: The best ecommerce platforms are the ones where you can actually find developers who have experience working on those platforms, e.g. Shopify or WordPress and the 'Woocommerce' plugin.

    ecommerce84: I personally like the flexibility that WordPress and Woocommerce offer. Loads of plugins, and loads of themes, all in various price ranges.

    Mr D: All of them are the best. It's like asking which shop is the best when shopping offline.

    3. Is it possible to put money in a savings account abroad?

    I am looking for higher interest rates, both with locked or free withdrawals. Is it possible to put money in a savings account abroad?

    Will I need to be able to open an account as a UK resident and have a guarantee, similar to the £85k guarantee of deposits in the UK?

    ethical PR: Are you referring to money from your business? Presume so as you are posting on a business forum?

    Naheed Mir: You can open an offshore savings account, and they offer higher interest rates, but I don’t think it is possible to get free withdrawals.

    gpietersz: If you put your money in a currency with higher interest rates, you are taking currency risk, and in all likelihood it would depreciate against sterling (or there would be an arbitrage opportunity).

    nelioneil: If you want to look for higher returns then the place (with reasonable safety) is stocks and funds.

    4. Getting an innovation grant for an idea.

    Lucas H

    How can you go about getting an innovation grant to develop and produce an idea which has not yet been executed or established?

    mattk: The Government offers several innovation grants, but they are very specific. If your idea falls into one of those industries/areas, then apply.

    Mark T Jones: Define a problem or better still, a problem that your idea solves and look for grants from organisations in that arena.

    Mr D: Look for partners. Just be aware it will cost you - the partner organisation needs to have a return on their investment.

    Ray272: It's a weird market for the whole game of getting investment. In the end, some guys just see securing investment as their business.

    That's all for this week – have a great run into the weekend!