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Fresh Threads: Recording calls, affiliates and tendering portals

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    Hi UKBFers,

    Welcome to Fresh Threads, our weekly roundup of the most popular threads, comments and advice from the forums. 

    Here are my top picks from the past week.

    1. Private teaching


    A friend of mine is a qualified teacher and has taught over 10 years regionally and internationally. Due to the current crisis she is looking to set up her own teaching classes, teaching young children between 11-16. As it’s not my field, could any of you ladies or gents kindly advise what they would need to get started.

    fisicx: Get signed up with a tutoring agency. They do all the hard work (finding students), all your friend has to do is teach.

    paulears: Think COVID – my music teacher friend has had his private lessons and the ones he ran at a local college chopped badly by close contact/small room issues.

    MY OFFICE IN CHINA: Teaching online is probably the way to go for the next year or two.

    Mark T Jones: It really does depend what the plan is. Are they hoping to create a job for themselves in teaching, or build a teaching business, for example? My sister bought a franchise running after-school French classes. Demand wasn't a problem – getting reliable teachers was nigh on impossible. 

    2. Free or inexpensive tendering portals


    Are there any tendering portals you'd recommend that don't cost an arm and a leg? More for bidding services than manufacturing, and not multi-million pound contracts. But a good comprehensive spread of opportunities nevertheless.

    ethical PR: Public sector organisations promote tenders on their websites and also have regional websites showing tenders for work.

    intheTRADE: Off the top of my head, have you tried Glenigan, Barbour ABI, LiveLead or WeConnectConstruction. The latter of those two are the cheaper options (£100-200 per month) and Glennigan and Barbour are very expensive from memory, although it has been a year or two since I used either of them.

    Mr D: No idea of the name but there used to be an EU-wide tender listing site that – using filters – could give some stuff that was relevant. Used it for an organisation with a six figure turnover up to seven years ago.

    owas: Our council lists most public sector tenders on their website. Which other public sectors would not come under the council list?

    3. Recording phone calls


    Does anyone know what I need to do to record phone calls? I sometimes have to call clients to tell them X Y or Z has happened, or “what would you like me to do about this”, etc.

    Pugwash EQ: Have you considered the regulation in this area? It sounds silly for a small business owner, but it is regulated.

    The Byre: A confirming email is legally and psychologically better.

    Alison Moore: You've got pre-warn people that you're recording the call, and if I got a message from a small company confirming that they were recording the call I'd be a bit suspicious.

    Socio South West: Have the discussion, then send an email outlining the discussion, but make sure you get a response that confirms the email has been read. It's far too easy to say that an email didn't arrive, and you don't have any decent proof that it did. Be wary of simply resorting to read receipts as well – better to instruct them to respond by reply.

    4. Affiliates

    Pet Nanny

    I am working with some top pet brands on a paid basis, who are also offering a percentage of anything sold through my account. Is there anyone here who is doing affiliates since I am unsure how to do this?

    intheTRADE: The companies and brands you are working with that have agreed for you to become an affiliate of theirs should be providing you with the affiliate links (unique to you) to place on your website, social media and blog posts.

    Darren_Ssc: Instead of using Instagram, Pinterest & Wordpress (I'll put money on you having a Facebook page too), just go for one and do your best with it. If you do get to a stage where you're making a reasonable amount of money then by all means broaden it out. The problem with trying to cover everything is that you spread yourself very thin, don't really focus, don't get any traction, don't make any money and give up. For my opinion, don't build your business on the back of anyone else's platform. By all means use them but the potential of having the rug pulled from beneath you is a real one.

    fisicx: You put the links wherever you get the most traffic. If you are getting loads of people looking at your promotions on Instagram then just focus on that. Probably not worth doing WP until you know this is going to work. You might not like Facebook but if that’s where the money is you need to overcome your dislike.

    mattk: Listen to the Smart Passive Income podcast. Start with the first episode. It is quite old but will take you through all the different ways to monetise your website, blog, social media accounts and so on.

    That's all for this week – have a great run into the weekend!