Fresh Threads: copyright accusation, moaning staff, letters after a name, election boards

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    Hi, UKBFers.

    Welcome to Fresh Threads, our weekly roundup of the best comments and advice from the forums. 

    Here are my top picks from this week.

    1. Copyright infringement accusation


    I have been accused of copyright infringement because I am using a privacy policy on my website that an asset management firm claims their client (a marketing agency) has written.

    Their letter came with a 44-page document of "evidence", none of which seems substantial and nothing that is concrete evidence that their client is the author of this privacy policy, although I don't doubt that they probably are.

    I genuinely didn't get my privacy policy from their client, it was sent to me by a colleague who is also using it. When I google'd the first few lines of the policy, there are also 3,000+ other websites using the same policy.

    Can something like this even be copyrighted? Are they just trying to opportunistically make a few quid from some naive people or do they have a genuine case?

    Mr D: It's something written by someone. As copyrighted as a book, a song, a play. Whether they wrote it… you have used it commercially? 

    fisicx: You used a document written by somebody. You admitted this in your post. The writer owns the copyright. The owner of the document wants something. What is it they want?

    kulture: Details matter. If as you say there are 3000+ websites all using the same words, have you looked to see which is the oldest? Your big mistake is not knowing where your policy ACTUALLY came from.

    Lucan Unlordly: Have you removed the privacy policy from your website?

    2. Thoughts on putting letters after a name

    James Ackela

    Letters after your name, what do you think?

    I have had this discussion with friends and other business owners. The general consensus in my world (management consultancy) it is acceptable. 

    I use BA, MBA and DiPC after my name, the latter being a consultancy-focused masters equivalent and have received mixed feedback. 

    What are everyone else's thoughts?

    Gordon - Commercial Finance: The letters you can put after your name relate to membership of a professional body. Also, it makes you look like a prat.

    billybob99: I know a few letters these sorts can put after their name - if they don't like letters, I can offer emojis.

    onthebrightside: Those who put letters after their name when writing letters are normally newbies or have no significant business title. Those that had either reached a significant position/title, or felt confident about themselves, never did. 

    Mark T Jones: I tend to see them as the mark of a novice. 

    3. Sick of workers' negativity and moaning


    I recently joined a consultancy company and they struggle with staff motivation. 

    Our issues are constant negativity and no motivation or initiative to go 'above and beyond', so I am bringing potential changes and exciting new customers - but they pick a fault or moan about everything I say.

    To battle this we have brought in a range of employee benefits, and yet they still moan and eye roll at everything. Where do I go from here? I’ve never experienced such lack of interest in a job.

    Chris Ashdown: Work with them, get their suggestions, answer their concerns, basically talk to them. Often people established in a business don't like new people with new ideas, they don't like change.

    NickGrogan: Few people go "above and beyond". Are they completing their work to a satisfactory level? If so, why are you expecting more?

    Mark T Jones: If it's a common problem, it is almost certainly a top-down management issue. Offering concessions doesn't counter a bad management culture.

    SkyBlue33: If there are enough people in the office, have you considered an anonymous questionnaire to find out what the staff really think about your changes and benefits?

    4. Political or election boards at the business premises​


    I was out and about doing a couple of deliveries in Devon and Cornwall yesterday. I saw a vote Conservative placard at a petrol station and a vote Labour sign in a cafe on Exmoor. 

    Having a vote Labour sign in the middle of hunting country might be a problem, and the petrol station may lose some business. If you run a business, you really need to stay well away from it.

    Mr D: Unless, of course, the owners know their customers and are catering to them? 

    Chris Ashdown: I feel it's the same on this Forum - you can easily upset people who may be potential customers by posting political or religious comments. 

    I would never use some posters with very strong views on say the Brexit post, and imagine others would feel the same.

    Noah: @Chris Ashdown There's an irony - not with regard to any opinion you may hold on Brexit, but that you state you do not want to trade with people who do voice their opinions…

    AllUpHere: @Chris Ashdown I'd much rather do business with someone who had a different opinion to mine, but who could discuss it in a civil manner and put forward a good argument for their way of thinking.

    That's all for this week – have a great run into the weekend!

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    Thank You for sharing this stuff!
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    Much love, thank you, thank you.
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