Fresh Threads: David vs Goliath, advertising, director fraud?

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    Hi UKBFers,

    Welcome to Fresh Threads, our weekly roundup of the best comments and advice from the forums. 

    Here are my top picks from this week.

    1) Advice needed on Trustpilot dispute


    We’ve built up a good customer service reputation with around 90% of client reviews gained on Trustpilot over the last five years being either four or five-star ratings. 

    Trustpilot tried to get us to sign up for their paid subscription service at £500 a month, and offered us the facility to edit or delete bad reviews. 

    We refused and Trustpilot deleted more than 1,000 positive reviews and left a handful of negative ones. 

    How do we fight them or can they simply just do what they want?

    billybob99: Can’t you just delete the Trustpilot page and be done with it?

    Nochexman: Them removing so many legitimate reviews is not something I have ever heard of before. 

    tony84: Did you read their terms? I suspect if you are telling them you do not want to be contacted them, it probably falls outside one of their terms.

    ecommerce84: Use Google or preferably Facebook where people are almost always always using their own account in their own names which gives a bit more credibility than some Anon E Moose account elsewhere.

    2) Newspaper advertising?


    I have an idea to launch my own monthly newspaper. There are two local competitors, which are mostly full of ads, but they are both turning over more than £20,000 a month.

    My idea for selling this to businesses was to print up sample copies and go out and demonstrate the content and quality of the print along with promoting the lower prices and our target market. Is this a stupid idea? 

    NickGrogan: No one pays rate card for advertising. I'd expect to pay 25-33% of rate card at most.

    DStyle: I’ve been offered 25% for my first advert. My friend who advertises with them every month has never had a discount from them.

    MrD: Don’t bet on making money every month even after you have circulation sorted, which itself is a job.

    NickGrogan: @DStyle I'd suggest your friend has a word with whoever is arranging his advertising, they're ripping him off.

    3) Is this company director fraud?


    Some years ago, a family member demanded me to "sign this". This person had said so threateningly and they had been violent to me in the past, so I did not question. 

    Years later my name is now on Company House as a director along with others that are just for show. I don't even know what company directing is. 

    Is this fraud or my own fault for signing something?

    Newchodge: It's your own fault. Write to the company concerned stating that you have never acted as a director, that you were not aware that you were a director and that you are resigning as a director with immediate effect.Copy that to Companies House.

    MrD: Next time, make sure do not sign stuff you have not read.Being a director without knowing can get you into plenty of trouble.

    Charles43: Why does a person need me to be a non-existent director? What purpose would I have served?

    SteLacca: @Charles43 To hide the ‘true’ directors from the public eye.

    4) Misled into signing a B2B contract

    Steve Myring

    I am looking for advice on a B2B contract that I was misled into signing. Within 24 hours of signing it, I told them to cancel and offer their product to another "able to pay" company.

    intheTRADE: In what way were you misled?

    Steve Myring: @intheTRADE Tey didn't let me read T&Cs before signing the online PDF, plus they said that the stands were in demand and I should sign up now. I've since found out they are having trouble selling stands for the exhibition in Nov 2019.

    NickGrogan: What are you expecting to find in the T&Cs that’s going to be relevant? They will have written them for their benefit. If you want to read them, you should have persisted.

    Mr D: What did the contract say about cancelling?

    That's all for this week – keep an eye out for the weekly UKBF newsletter on Friday.

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    Thank You for sharing this stuff!
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