Door drops: The easy way to find the right customers for your business

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    When you’re a small business or sole trader, you want to reach your target customer in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. There are plenty of channels for doing this in the digital space, but have you considered the value of direct, hard-copy advertising?

    With so much focus on digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns, an eye-catching door drop can catch people's attention in a more direct way. Standing out in the deluge of digital marketing messages takes time, hard work and (importantly) money. So why not try a door drop and get something real and tangible into potential customer's hands?

    Here are 5 key reasons that door drops deliver more bang for your buck when you’re an ambitious small business that’s working to a tight budget.

    1. Door drops have great engagement levels

    92% of people say they read door drops that are delivered direct to their home. That’s a huge engagement level, especially when you consider that the average open rate for an email campaign is approximately 24%. By taking your marketing out of the online space, you get your marketing in front of people in a way that can only be achieved in the real world.

    Door drops, such as leaflets, flyers and brochures, connect with a wide audience and help you to raise the profile of your business, create leads and bring in sales – and as a small business that sales pipeline is a vital area for you to focus on.

    2. Door drops are a cost-effective option

    88% of door drop users say they have boosted awareness of their product or service. So going the hard-copy route is clearly an efficient way to raise your brand profile and bring in those all-important leads, calls and sales. And, as an additional incentive, door drops are also a highly cost-effective way to market your business.

    In 2018, the average UK small business is expected to allocate 16% of their total business budget to marketing. A targeted door drop uses only a fraction of that budget, allowing you to quickly reach an audience of 8,000 households, for as little as a £500 outlay.

    That’s excellent value for money for a marketing initiative that will help to put your small business front of mind with such a tailored audience of local consumers.

    3. It’s easy to target your local customer base

    A door drop isn’t a random delivery of your leaflets and brochures. You can use targeting tools and customer profiling to help your business find the right kinds of customers or the most relevant postcodes areas for your products and/or services.

    Royal Mail offers customer targeting and profiling as a free service within their Door to Door offering – giving your small business an accessible, low-cost way to target your drop.

    Make your marketing more focused by:

    • Targeting by distance – so your door drop only goes out to targets within a two-mile radius from your takeaway food business, or your local coffee shop.
    • Targeting by postcode – keeping your door drop focused on the key areas that fit your ideal customer type, or where there’s a key need for your business services.
    • Targeting by demographic – so your leaflets are seen by people who sit in the correct age, household type or income bracket for the products/services you offer.

    With your targeting done effectively, Royal Mail can deliver your door drops as part of the daily postal service, making sure your marketing is seen by the most relevant people – those prospects who fit your defined ideal customer type.

    4. You learn more about your customers

    When you start out as a small business, it can be hard to identify exactly who your target market should be. By making your marketing as targeted as possible, you make your door drops more effective and also learn more about who your customers are.

    As Mark T Jones of FitOutFinance commented in a recent UKBF thread, it’s vital to know who you’re marketing your business to:

    “I've learned this lesson the hard way. In a nutshell, marketing is about a million times more effective if you know and understand who you are marketing to. Ultimately, you can't actually present a benefit until you know who your prospect is.”

    Adding value is all about bringing a benefit to your end customer – and you can do this far more productively when you know the location, income and needs of your target customer.

    5. Direct mail gets the job done fast

    Getting a full-blown digital marketing campaign outlined, written, designed and organised is a big task – especially if you’re doing your own marketing outside of the usual 9-to-5 of running your own business. A direct leaflet drop is a far quicker way to reach your customers.

    To get your leaflet in front of a customer:

    1. Define the key benefit you bring to your customer – whether that’s ‘bringing you the best coffee in town’ or offering ‘personalised legal advice for your business’.
    2. Work with a designer and printer to create a leaflet that captures the attention of your targeted customer type – Royal Mail partners with a range of providers who can help with your design and print requirements.
    3. Get your door drop done and dusted – using Royal Mail to deliver your leaflets/brochures means that they’re in the reliable hands of trusted uniformed staff. The Royal Mail Door to Door service is accredited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), the media industry’s stamp of trust.

    Find the right customers, fast!

    The Royal Mail Door to Door service offers free targeting to help you find the right customers for your particular needs. It’s a fast, productive and cost-effective way to start expanding your customer base and sowing the seeds of growth for your small business.

    Find out more about the Royal Mail Door to Door service

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