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Warning!!! Dsm Media

Discussion in 'General Business Forum' started by Doodle-Noodle, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Doodle-Noodle

    Doodle-Noodle UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Just thought I'd put a post on the general as I've just realised I've fallen victim to a scam which has obviously been on the go for some time.
    There are loads of posts about this firm (DSM Media, Quality Foods Online) but they're all on the Sales & Marketing section of this site which I don't tend to look at so much. Wish that I had - I'd be £300 better off.

    Their website appears to have closed down now, so can't even check to ee whether any of my ads made it on to the web, they certainly have never made it onto any printed menus, in fact the owner of the restaurant concerned was really surprised that we've paid for advertising as he doesn't even expect printed ads to appear, he thought it was all online and free!
    This company are obiously well accomplished scammers but are still operating, so please DO BE CAREFUL.. Check out the comments left on the marketing forum here, and also all the other blagger type sites that are full of complaints about this company.
    You will get nothing for your money ------- be warned!:mad:
    Posted: Dec 14, 2009 By: Doodle-Noodle Member since: Oct 11, 2008
  2. pot doodles

    pot doodles UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Oh my goodness, looks like i have too!
    Signed up to have an advert in the menu of a local indian restaurant in october and have received nothing including my copy of the contract which was meant to be posted the following week.
    I was originally meant to pay an initial fee of 119.60 and then set up a direct debit to pay £16 pounds a month for the advert, my contract lasting 2 years.
    I have recently become aware that the first fee of 119.60 has been taken out every month since!!
    I've canceled the direct debit and am now awaiting an angry call no doubt!
    i feel so stupid! Have no idea what to do next!!?

    Posted: Dec 20, 2009 By: pot doodles Member since: Dec 20, 2009
  3. Doodle-Noodle

    Doodle-Noodle UKBF Newcomer Free Member

    Posts: 2,161 Likes: 1,072
    There's probably not much more you can do exept thank your lucky stars you've found out now rather than in 6 months time.
    Contact Trading Standards and report them, if enough of us do this then maybe they will be forced to cease trading and at least any resulting publicity will alert other small businesses to be aware of them.

    It would be great if we could take out a group action against this company to try and recoup our losses - I have no idea how you would go about this though
    Posted: Dec 21, 2009 By: Doodle-Noodle Member since: Oct 11, 2008
  4. A Charles

    A Charles UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Did you fill in a Direct Debt form? If so you'll be covered by the Direct Debit guarantee: http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/27/27-directdebit-guarantee.htm

    If they told you one thing, but did another then go talk to your bank.

    Good luck.

    Posted: Dec 21, 2009 By: A Charles Member since: Jun 26, 2009
  5. Comspec

    Comspec UKBF Newcomer Full Member - Verified Business

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    I fell for these clowns a year or two ago, cost me £600 for my advert.
    The salesman who called told me they'd be printing 20,000 menu's up, leaving some in the local take-away and delivering the rest out, over a 2-year contract.

    All the DD's came out within a month or so, and they did nothing except print up a few menu's and leave them in the take-away itself.

    Nowt can be done, as their contract was so vague they could do what they wanted, and it bore no relation to what their salesperson said.

    Cowboys, and you'd be best to avoid them !!
    Posted: Dec 21, 2009 By: Comspec Member since: May 8, 2006