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Promotional gifts

Discussion in 'Sales, Marketing & PR' started by fenton, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. fenton

    fenton UKBF Regular Free Member

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    What do people think of promotional products. i.e pens. mugs. note pads, key rings. Is it a good idea to have them with your name and logo on to help promote new business. Should we give them out to companies when cold calling for new business will it help build good working relationships??.
  2. Shaunyboy3383

    Shaunyboy3383 UKBF Regular Free Member

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    It's ok. Dont expect it to do much good in terms of sales though, but it adds a nice touch when you can give them to clients or potential clients.

    To be honest it wont really do much good in building relationships as everyone does it. The best you can hope to do is just keep your name and number in front of them so that if they do need you they might call.

    One of the best gifts i ever had was a rubix cube, it was great i used to keep playing with whenever i was on the phone to somebody or having a moment of thought. I never bought from the company but it stayed on my desk and i always remember the company who provided it. So it did have some success but not a lot!!!

    Separate note - I offer a range of promotional products as a bit of a side line, if you are interested id be happy to quote for it.
  3. garethparkin

    garethparkin UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I think if you are going to use promotional products in this way you should always bear in mind the item you are going to use - ie ensure the product is likely to stay around for many weeks, months or even years. One of the most effective products is promotional mugs - unless they get dropped these tend to hang around business for years. Make them look good and they can be a prized possesion on anyones desk. Check out ideasbynet.com they offer a great range.
  4. borobabe

    borobabe UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I think it can work ok if you choose the right item to send. One of the latest trends is to send a personalised helium balloon, I like the idea of that one, and they dont cost too much to do.
    I have been doing basic promotional items such as pens, mousemats etc for a year or so and will be moving into doing mugs but mainly for the gift market. I hope they still prove popular!
  5. Water4Fish

    Water4Fish UKBF Regular Free Member

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    We find promotional antistress products prove to be very popular and sought after.
    This type of promotional merchandise works well for large organisations.
    Next populat items are promotional keyrings, often purchased by estate agents and universities, who often come back to get some more.
    Please check www.water4fish.co.uk to view our range.
  6. SimonCh

    SimonCh UKBF Regular Free Member

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    The idea of a promotional item is to help people remember your business, hopefully with the aim of getting them to buy from you.

    Things to consider:
    * Pick a product that they'll use regularly. (obvious examples are mugs etc)
    * Pick a product that ties in with your business.
    * It must be cheap enough for you to be happy giving it away
    * But good enough quality (as well as useful enough) that the customer won't throw it away.

    The best promo item I ever got? A tape measure, given to me by a tool-hire company. Meets all the criteria above.
  7. stato77

    stato77 UKBF Regular Free Member

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    If you are an online company, then mousemats are the way forward plus they hardly cost anything to send out and don't break like mugs
  8. Delboy

    Delboy UKBF Regular Free Member

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    mousemats are 10 a penny, but persoanlly they end up in the bin as i have a propper gel rest one, my uni advise us all to use them and so do lots of compainys (as it helps stop carpel-tunnel syndrome)

    anti stress items are perfect though... or something you can fiddle with! i dont like mugs as they end up sitting in the kitchen and never really being looked at...
  9. NW Law

    NW Law UKBF Regular Free Member

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    anyone know anyone who does reasonably priced printed carrier bags and car air fresheners?
  10. Chris Kaday

    Chris Kaday UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I am not a great fan of promotional gifts but do agree mugs are good. We had them in the company for all client meetings and gave them one on the way out. People would kill for a BBC breakfast mug but ours did not have quite the same cache lol

    Chris Kaday

  11. garethparkin

    garethparkin UKBF Regular Free Member

    Posts: 62 Likes: 11
    I agree that mugs with a BBC logo on or a pic of a cherished celebrity are more eye catching than say joe blogs's engineering company - however I think if you can think outside the box and come up with a clever angle as per we all try to do with viral marketing ie youtube then any company can have a success with promotional mugs - we are the largest supplier in the UK of promotional mugs and have done many great campaigns which have proved successful for our clients.
  12. Jon0_FZ6

    Jon0_FZ6 UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I've always thought of the usual suspects pens, mugs, mousemats, etc when thinking of promotional gifts or merchandise but I've recently found out just how competative and developed the industry is.

    I have featured a local business called Keylogo on my website and they have literally thousands of products that can be branded. When researching their business to create the feature I kept coming across new ideas I'd never thought of and with a bit of imagination you could find something unique that is ideally suited to your business or the campaign you are trying to get across.

    how about calculators for accountants, piggy banks for mortgage brokers, usb flash drives for IT companies, inflatable neck cushion for travel agents etc .

    I also really like the post-it notes, memo pads or deskpads as an idea. Who doesn't need paper on their desk to scribble numbers and notes on?

    you can order a full colour catalogue from Keylogo for free.
  13. reggiemental

    reggiemental UKBF Regular Free Member

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    We just had a standard mailer sent to us by a local recruitment agency. No pen, no coaster, no post-it notes but . . . a book of 10 first class stamps!! Now that I like! :)
  14. Jon0_FZ6

    Jon0_FZ6 UKBF Regular Free Member

    Posts: 20 Likes: 2
    that's genius. and it cost them probably similar to what it would've cost to do a folder or a fancy pen or something like that. brilliant.
  15. stato77

    stato77 UKBF Regular Free Member

    Posts: 70 Likes: 4
    Don't go for bags, not very eco friendly lol
  16. jamesbiggin

    jamesbiggin UKBF Regular Free Member

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    As a promotional Gift supplier - I would advocate the use of these, but really there are several considerations before making a decision :
    1. The Industry you are in (and therefore the type of things your clients would use) - manufacturing, office based, techy etc....there is no point in a perfume atomiser for guys on a building site!
    2. The budget you have - £1000 could allow you to get a single nice exec desktop item that you can see every time you visit your client....or the same money could be spent equally well on a set of 3 more budget items...a pen, coaster and mug.
    3. What have you seen your competition do - ask around discretely as to the type of items that your clients like...you could then find a complimentary product if you are worried it wont be replaced by yours...or you could try and get the next best thing - flashdrives are a classic...you can see buying patterns change from "we just want a flashdrive" to " we need to have a large memory flashdrive to ensure our clients keep this one".
    4. Have a look through a brochure - we do our own hard copy brochure - 96 pages of ideas...which can also be viewed online (steel-city.co.uk) - chances are what you like is going to be something your clients will like - you know them best.

    I hope this is decent advice....I could go on...but I wont!
  17. jamesbiggin

    jamesbiggin UKBF Regular Free Member

    Posts: 114 Likes: 4
    NW Law - if you are looking for promotional bags - it is right that polythene carriers are not in the Eco range of products...please though consider Jute and cotton shoppers (bags for life) - very popular...and also paper carriers....let me know if that helps...or get in touch via steel-city.co.uk
  18. Figaro

    Figaro UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I was really impressed with a company who dealt with tool and machinery hire. They sent us all lucky dip lottery tickets once!! They're only £1 each so that's pretty good.

    That and some fancy pens. I hated companies who just sent us crap pens that didn't work. And remember to keep your existing companies sweet, bottles of wine and chocolates etc at chritmas.
  19. jamesbiggin

    jamesbiggin UKBF Regular Free Member

    Posts: 114 Likes: 4
    If someone is looking for a new idea - I have one that I am putting together info on - fantastic personal touch product....not overly cheap, but could be a great wow factor...would prefer to discuss on PM basis as I have not put this out there yet...so PM away if you want....and I will go through it.
  20. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press UKBF Regular Full Member

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    We produce promotional pads, which include our contact details and products. Always a great response.

    The pads are circulated in offices (as are the pages), seldom thrown away and of use to everyone.

    Importantly they stay with the client and are a cost effective marketing tool. We use them regularly where we provide pads with orders and our sales folk dish them out when cold calling.