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Is there an alternative to eFax?

Discussion in 'IT & Internet' started by Joyous, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Joyous

    Joyous UKBF Regular Free Member

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    After several years of owning a free incoming only fax number with eFax they went and cancelled my account without warning. It’s a bit more involved than that, but that’s the long and short of it. I need a fax to e-mail service but I’m so pee’d off with eFax that I refuse to sign up for another of their free accounts.

    I’ve has a quick Google to see what’s on offer but none of the others seem as reliable (or as big) as eFax. Does anybody use a provider that they’d be happy to recommend?

    Grateful for any suggestions.


  2. consultant

    consultant UKBF Regular Moderator

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    Our friend CJD's Voipfone have a similar service, now with outgoing, as well!
  3. HSLS

    HSLS UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I second the voipfone option. Very easy to use - works a treat!
  4. Simon-M

    Simon-M UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Have you tried Yak.com They have a free option.
  5. bigmouth241

    bigmouth241 UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Actually yac.com

    & yeah, they're very good - & free!
  6. Joyous

    Joyous UKBF Regular Free Member

    Posts: 817 Likes: 17
    Just has a look at Yac.com and they've been taken over by eFax. eFax also took over PumaOne who my fax account was originally with. It seems that there's no escaping them.


  7. andysears

    andysears UKBF Regular Free Member

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  8. JackieC

    JackieC UKBF Regular Full Member

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    I use faxtastic. Various options dependent on your requirements.
  9. cjd

    cjd UKBF Regular Full Member - Verified Business

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    We do both fax to email and email to fax. Info here:


    Fax numbers are free (0870) or £1.99 per month (01, 02, 03, 0845). Outbound faxes are 10p per page. No contract.
  10. Joyous

    Joyous UKBF Regular Free Member

    Posts: 817 Likes: 17
    Many thanks for all your replies above. I signed up with voipfone.co.uk in the end. Free incoming and pay as you go outgoing is perfect for me.


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  11. AdamJ

    AdamJ UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Interesting thread - I had been thinking of getting a line in just for faxes but was hesitant because we only receive a few a year - hadn't really thought about using one of these services. Had a look at Voipfone's site and it looks great.