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how to identify invoices due sage instant accounts

Discussion in 'Accounts & Finance' started by claire2011, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. claire2011

    claire2011 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I am having difficulty in finding where to look for invoices that are now due for payment by customers. I use sage instant accounts. I have gone into the aged balance and a list of customers appear along with the periods 30,90,60 days. I have adjusted the settings for my customers onto 30 days. Does it mean any balances showing in the 30 day are due? Or does that mean they are due within that time frame?
    Posted: Jan 12, 2011 By: claire2011 Member since: Jan 12, 2011
  2. e-ccountant

    e-ccountant UKBF Newcomer Full Member

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    The aged balances show how old the invoice is (from invoice date).

    Your individual credit terms will determine whether an invoice is overdue or not.
    Posted: Jan 12, 2011 By: e-ccountant Member since: Nov 30, 2010
  3. johndon68

    johndon68 UKBF Big Shot Full Member - Verified Business

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    If you want to know specifically which invoices are overdue, go to Customer -> Reports -> Customer Invoice Reports adn you'll find both a 'Customer Invoices Due' and a 'Customer Invoices Overdue' report.

    Posted: Jan 12, 2011 By: johndon68 Member since: Nov 2, 2009