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Giving out leaflets to passersby at shopping centre

Discussion in 'General Business Forum' started by mumsbiz, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. mumsbiz

    mumsbiz UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Does anyone know what rules and regulations apply to handing out leaflets, gifts to passersby at shopping centre or maybe outside an event?

    Do I have to contact the shopping centre manager, do I have to pay?

    For the event, do I have to inform the event organiser and get permission?

    Also would anyone here know how much roughly it would cost to get someone to do this, maybe dress up as a children's cartoon character or simply just hand out flyer/balloons?

    From marketing point of view will this be a good idea and give good results or people will just get the freebie and not bother with flyer info?:|

    Please any advice?
  2. fastfences

    fastfences Banned

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    Hi Mums

    You should seek permission from the Centre Manager.

    This sort of marketing is really hit and miss. How often do we have a leaflet thrust into our hand while shopping? A great percentage ends up binned.

    I would set up a small table with a photo board or similar so people would be 'detained' for a mo', during which time you can assess their interest and proceed from there.
    Cheers, Nigel
  3. Arcadian

    Arcadian UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Definitely get the event organiser's permission (then haggle if you're asked to pay!). A friend of mine gave out freebies at a G-Mex exhibition - and told everyone on a forum that she'd be doing so - then they presented her with an invoice as an exhibitor. I think it was about £300. They waived it when she agreed to become and exhibtor at the next event which was a bit cheeky!

    Flyers can work well but I don't dirty my hands with it. I just persuade my team to do it instead :D
  4. AV Connections

    AV Connections UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Why don't you hand them out yourself?
  5. Antonia @limeone.com

    Antonia @limeone.com UKBF Regular Free Member

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    There is a lot of legal red tape around litter caused by promotional leaflets and as well as the local bylaws for the shopping centre you may have to apply for a licence/permit to hand out leaflets in the street.

    You probably will get a good response if you target your audience and also get some PR. It can work very well on many levels, so just get your legal permissions sorted first. Get in touch with the council first to see if you need a permit and take it from there.
  6. Arcadian

    Arcadian UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I'm usually the one at the table a few yards away with more info, free samples etc ;) Assuming you're doing it legit with permissions etc it's a good idea to have more than one of you. It isn't usually pratical for the one handing out the flyers to hand out other stuff as well. I recruit a lot in colleges but I'd look a tad out of place there so the student members of my team do the flyers in their own college. We usually pay to have a permanent ad in the student union. I do wear my "Lose weight now, ask me how" badge when I'm working (ie day job work) in the Law Library, usually on an expensive suit. I have flyers with me for when I get chatting. These tried and tested methods - tried and tested by previous sales people - do work!
  7. Matt1959

    Matt1959 UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I'd just get out there and do it and not pussy foot around!!! Plead ignorance afterwards. Its an innocent looking product, not some hard sell kind of thing. I'd have thought if you upset someone you'll just get a warning. Don't forget the windscreen wipers as well;) If your house was at risk, I bet you'd be a bit more braver and decisive;) This way, by tomorrow night you could have loads of leaflets out:)
  8. mumsbiz

    mumsbiz UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Thank you all for great tips and advice.

    I do prefer to do it by the rules that way no hassle no worries and if's and in case.

    As with anything it's a bit like direct mail, hit and miss but I think when you do a highly targeted mailings or flyer hand out then it can work out well, there's no point contacting a young single person with no children about a product for babies and kids as they may not be interested but if you say Mp3 and gadgets then you'll probably have more luck but it's also to do with profiling your target audience.

    That's just one of the ideas I have, I'm also thinking of doing direct mailing to a targeted list with not just a flyer. Have a lot to way-up to see which one would work out best in terms of result and cost-effectiveness.

    Arrrhg who said setting up a business was easy life, but I enjoy the challenge, the highs and lows and the sense of achievement how little or big it may be, I think it's double the hard work when you don't have anyone to bounce ideas with.:(
  9. Guest

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    Definately agree with the comments regarding council permission. In Liverpool city centre they have a no leafleting policy. They brought it in last year due to the large amount of litter being generated.
    We used to give out concert flyers for church but are unable to do so now so rely on local mailings and letterboxing.
  10. welshnoonoo

    welshnoonoo UKBF Regular Full Member

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    Our local paper offers leaflet distribution at a really reasonable rate - they go in the Free papers that come out weekly and it is not expensive at all. Probably has about the same read rate too.
  11. ThamesLocal

    ThamesLocal UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I dropped leaflets through doors when I was running a DIY company...FANTASTIC response.
  12. mumsbiz

    mumsbiz UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Thank you. The leaflet inserts will be cheaper than ads I'll look into it but would that be more effective than the actual ads in the paper.

  13. aiminghigh

    aiminghigh UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Have you thought of offering them an incentive with the flier?
    For instance a discount on whatever your business is on production of your leaflet. This will make them of more value to people.

    I work from home for a company called the Utility Warehouse, and we have a win a mini competition going at the moment.

    On the flier is about 5 questions relating to their phone / internet and energy costs etc and if they fill these in they get entered into the draw.

    Most people seem happy to fill in these details and we ask when people have large bills if they would like to save money with us too, which is proving to be a successful way of telling customers about the Utility Warehouse.

    Just a thought for you to save the fliers being used as rubbish etc

  14. angelabishop

    angelabishop UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I tried handing out leafelts once (just the once) in our local hight street. Take someone with you as it can be demoralising. As i was doing it by myself, I found it was the quickest way to clear one side of the high street. If there's one on each side, there's no escape.

  15. i'm_not_a_farmer!

    i'm_not_a_farmer! UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Shopping Centres WILL charge you for the privilage of handng out flyers. they are all wise to the commerical value and as such, most now have dedicated 'promotions' areas which means you are contained to a certain spot within the centre. also, many centres now do not allow handing out flyers as a promotion technique. they require you to have a display/stand which comsumers can take flyers from. this cuts down on litter issues.

    high street flyering depends on the local council. In big cities, it is advisable to get permission. We did a job recently for a well known cosmetics company and got permissions - this meant we could roam freely and have a team of 15 staff handing out samples all day. We handed out 30,000 samples in approx 5 hours without the fear of fines or being moved on. Some councils are a lot stricter than others

    however, by not getting permission, you're entering into the field we call guerrilla marketing. It has cost benefits but you must be aware of the potential pit falls e.g fines. yes, you can plead ignorance and 9 times out of 10 they'll let you off with a warning but insist that it ends there and then. If they catch you again that day, you'll be faced with the fine. If you're going to employ staff and pay them a day rate to carry out guerrilla marketing, ensure you have great contingency plans too or you could be paying staff a day's money for only 1 hours work.

    Again, we've undertaken guerrilla marketing (flyering) outside Chelsea flower show and hampton Court and it worked brilliantly. We had contingency plans but thankfully they were never called into action :)

    At the end of the day, your decision on th route to go usually comes down to budget.

    As for flyering being demoralising - yes it can be! That's why employing professional promotion staff is always a good idea - they don't take it personally as to them it's their job.

  16. earner

    earner UKBF Regular Free Member

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    There's a total ban on handing out leaflets in Newquay as the nightclubs were handing out flyers to tourists every night and by the morning the whole town was knee deep in the damned things.
  17. glowmaternity

    glowmaternity UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I recently gave out leaflets to people in my town (not in the shopping centre, just the high street) It worked really well ( I gave out 10% off everything in the shop on that day only leaflets)
    We had lots lots come in with thier 10% offs

  18. i'm_not_a_farmer!

    i'm_not_a_farmer! UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Hi Kate

    I'm glad it worked and the answer is simple - you had a relevant call to action. Too many people think handing out flyers that say who they are, are going to generate business.

    Your offer, plus the fact that it was near point of sale is a winning combination. When people shove a flyer in my hand and it just says "we are the leading blah blah blah and we do blah blah blah, I usually say "so what! Bully for you!" Give me an offer and I'll take your flyer more seriously.

    in addition, you were able to quantify your results because at the end of the day, you had a pile of coupons (flyers) that had been redeemed.

    Take note people - keep it simple, give consumers a reason to take your flyer seriously and ensure you can quantify the results.

  19. angelabishop

    angelabishop UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Good point. Will remember if I ever do flyers again. Tend to stick to shoving them thru letterboxes at the moment.