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EU duty for importing wine

Discussion in 'International Business' started by D.S., Aug 6, 2011.

  1. D.S.

    D.S. UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    I am wine merchant, and I am from non EU country. I am planing to export wine from my country to one country who is EU member. I want to know about duty who I need to paid. My question is: How percents is the duty for importing wine in EU countries? Can someone tell me this information?
    Posted: Aug 6, 2011 By: D.S. Member since: Nov 10, 2010
  2. Merchant UK

    Merchant UK UKBF Ace Full Member - Verified Business

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    As your from a non EU country you need to find out the duty from the EU country which your are importing to, Its best to contact the tax office from that particular country as the duty will vary from 1 case to1 shipping container
    Posted: Aug 6, 2011 By: Merchant UK Member since: Aug 15, 2010
  3. consultant

    consultant I Can Help Your Business Staff Member

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    The import duty, if any, will be the same in all EU countires.

    What will differ is excise duty.

    You will also have to pay import sales tax.

    Without being too pushy, you are not responsible for these import costs and your client is. If they do ot know these answers, I would be worried that they are not the right client!
    Posted: Aug 7, 2011 By: consultant Member since: Jan 21, 2008
  4. Tax-UK

    Tax-UK UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I think you need to register for a 'red registration number' before being allowed to export wine. Once in possession of that registration number you will be given the required duty charges
    Posted: Aug 16, 2011 By: Tax-UK Member since: Aug 5, 2011