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A Letter to a Mayor of a Borough

Discussion in 'Green Business' started by Swisaw, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Swisaw

    Swisaw UKBF Ace Full Member

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    Dear Sir,

    Many thanks for your letter of 11th January 2011. Sorry I couldn't write back in time to thank you. This is because my wife passed away recently.

    I must congratulate you for your commitment to public interest and interests of tax payers. Out of many Christmas and new year’s greetings I sent out, you were the only one responded. I even sent one to baby [FONT=Georgia, Times, serif]x[/FONT] wishing her her first car to be greener to save her a lot on the cost of fuel and repairs. This country needs people like yourselves to rescue it from recession and lead it to recovery, prosperity and full employment.

    Green industry products today may not be as green as what we made to believe. Tax incentives and environmental concerns have created many products, labelled as green, but may be nothing more than something made to cash it for nothing. Just take for example hybrid vehicles, labelled as green, each of which is powered by a petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor and now new models also have KERS, which is an electric generator recovers brake power.

    The idea of a hybrid vehicle is to use less fuel to reduce CO2 emission by storing excessive engine power and any power generated by KERS and then use it to power the vehicle with the electric motor. A hybrid vehicle is just like an ordinary vehicle except it has more major components. These major components are made up of at least a large battery pack, an electric generator, an electric motor and KERS, which is another electric generator.

    Let us to evaluate a hybrid vehicle. The extra major components like a large battery pack, an electric generator, an electric motor and KERS are quite heavy. As an additional load, they consume a lot of fuel and cause a fair amount of wear and tears. They give back electrical energy and all energy-related electrical components are inefficient. For example by the time an amount of excessive engine power used to power the vehicle over half of it wasted. An amount of excessive engine power is taken by electric generator to pass it to the batteries, which pass it to the electric motor. Conservatively, the efficiency of each one of these three components doesn’t exceed 70%. In other words by the time an excessive amount of engine power used to power the vehicle as much as half of it wasted.

    KERS is useful only when you drive fast outside cities. But when you drive slowly like driving in cities, it cannot give back anything. It becomes a load to consume fuel and cause wears and tears unnecessarily.

    In conclusion, what these extra components, in a hybrid vehicle, give back doesn’t worth their cost, not to mention the environmental cost of making these components.

    The same points apply on electric vehicles, which are indirectly driven mainly with diesel at extra cost and inefficiently. Almost all electrical energy in this country generated by hot engines mainly diesel engines. To convert diesel to electricity has a lot of cost like the cost of labour, wear and tear and the cost of transmitting and storing it. It has another cost, the cost of inefficiency. An electric car has a large battery pack to power an electric motor to drive the vehicle. You have to use a heat engine to convert a fuel like diesel to electricity and transmitting it to charge, store, the batteries. A hot engine is very inefficient. It has an efficiency of around 50%, which means if you want to convert two litres of diesel to electricity, you will get back one litre of diesel energy in electrical energy form. This is not to mention of the extra cost because of the inefficiency of batteries and electric motors.

    You are invited to take advantages of my inventions which should make your borough the richest and most prosperous borough in the country. All my inventions are related to power saving and wear and tear reductions. They include brake power recovery, power storages and gliding bridges. Gliding Bridges renamed to Nerissa Gliders, after the name of my late wife.

    Brake power recovery, which can include shock absorber power recovery also, is just like the same good old drum and disk brake type except it doesn’t have brake shoes and brake pads. It is frictionless, eliminates brake pad, shoes and drum and disk wears and tears. It operates at all speeds on all wheels. It includes a power storage, which can be made to take over the job of engine starter, in addition of using accumulated brake power to power the vehicle.

    Stationary power storages: This is a very simple and easy to make machine with many applications including the use with public building lifts to recover gross weight power of descending lifts. For example, if a public building lift fitted with one of these power storages, the power storage can recover at least the power of the weight of the lift and the power of the weight of 9 out of 10 people inside it when it is descending. This recovered and stored power can push back the lift upward with 8 people inside it without any extra power.

    Nerissa Gliders: This is a new concept in the means of transportation. The vehicle is a bare body to carry passengers. It doesn’t carry the engine, wheels and associated parts. It is powered and propelled from outside. It glides over pillars set at a distance of 50.00metre more or less from each other. It doesn’t need a lot of fuel and has almost a negligible wear and tear. Also it doesn’t need a lot of land. It can be made to link your borough to the south of the River. This will put your borough on world map.

    Upon your approval, technical details of all these inventions can be made available for inspection by any qualified technician appointed by yourselves. You don’t need to use any tax payers’ money, instead you can create new values for your tax payers’ money by contracting these inventions to companies to make them and operate them in and for your borough.

    With kind regards

    Yours sincerely,

    R. M. Ahmad
    32 Hollybush Street
    London E13 9DZ
    020 8552 4990
    14th March 2011.
    Posted: Mar 15, 2011 By: Swisaw Member since: Sep 24, 2010
  2. Lease4Less

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    Oh no! Please - not again!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:
    Posted: Mar 15, 2011 By: Lease4Less Member since: Jul 13, 2010
  3. Swisaw

    Swisaw UKBF Ace Full Member

    Posts: 1,825 Likes: 148
    Oh, no. Not you again :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Posted: Jun 25, 2011 By: Swisaw Member since: Sep 24, 2010