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Meet the team

Ever wondered who the team at UK Business Forums were? Look no further than this page! 

Chris Goodfellow, Managing Editor

Chris has seven years experience as a business journalist, starting with a two year tenure as a reporter at Centaur Media, where he completed his NCTJ certification. For the proceeding five years he worked on a freelance basis for titles including The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Independent, Vice and Business & Finance, whilst based in Dublin, Montreal, London and Bristol.


UKBF Profile: ChrisGoodfellow

Twitter: @CGoodfellowBZ


Francois Badenhorst, Deputy Editor

Francois is the deputy editor of UK Business Forums and BusinessZone. He is a South African with French first name, a German surname, an Irish passport, and German, Dutch, Scottish and Swedish heritage. Francois' mood is inextricably tied to how well the South African rugby team are performing at any given moment.


UKBF Profile: Francois

Twitter: @FranBerBad


Kat Haylock, Community Editor

After four years in China and South Korea, Kat joined the Sift team as a Community Editor in 2016. She's responsible for day-to-day forum moderation and works to maintain a smooth line of communication between UKBF and Sift. Outside of work, Kat is a fan of books, blogging and trying not to burn things in the kitchen.


UKBF Profile: Kat Haylock

Twitter: @kat_haylock

Email:  kat.haylock@siftmedia.co.uk


Yiuwin Tsang, Publisher

Yiuwin originally joined Sift Media in 2009. After a brief foray into the print world, he returned in 2011 as commercial manager before becoming the publisher for the small business team. He has significant experience in B2B marketing covering online, print and events. Outside of work he's an eclectic mix of trainee dad/recovering vinyl addict/mac-fanboy/realist NUFC supporter.


Email:  yiuwin.tsang@siftmedia.co.uk

Twitter: @yiuie


Matt King, Commercial Manager

Matt has over 12 years of media sales experience, working across a number of B2B and B2C websites and magazines. Matt is responsible for connecting advertisers and sponsorship partners with Sift Media's small business audiences, and is an avid supporter of Wrexham Football Club.



Email:  matt.king@siftmedia.co.uk

Twitter: @2MattKing


Amy Wilkinson, Client Service Manager

With experience in the creative and digital industries, Amy joined Sift with a background in integrated marketing communications and campaign management working both agency and client-side. An avid gamer, Amy's also into all things tech & VR and when not tackling one of her favourite RPG's she can be found in a yoga class or walking the great outdoors.


Email:  amy.wilkinson@siftmedia.co.uk

Twitter: @_aimred


Grace Moore, Business Development Manager

Grace joined Sift in early 2017, after four years of working and selling for big brand names such as House of Fraser, Ocado and Amazon. She specialises in digital marketing, with experience in print and multi-channel partnerships. A self-confessed mad cat lady in the making, she enjoys rambling around the countryside, knitting and heated debates about privacy laws.


Email:  grace.moore@siftmedia.co.uk


Our moderators:


Jeff FV
Jeff FV

Got a question? For all general UKBF enquiries (username change, account removal etc) please contact Kat, for all editorial enquiries please contact either Chris or Francois, and for all advertising enquiries please get in touch with Matt, Grace or Amy. Thanks!

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