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Marketing your business on YouTube

  1. YouTube for business
    Scott Millar

    Scott Millar UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    Using video to market your business has been a popular topic on UKBF over the last few months. Here Scott Millar, managing director at IT Rockstars, shares what he learnt in his first six months marketing on YouTube.

    Have you considered using YouTube to market your business? Do you find getting in front of the camera and then uploading that video for all to see a scary prospect?

    I had these exact same thoughts in my head six months ago, so I wanted to share what I’ve learnt from six months of marketing my business with weekly videos. 

    There's some great info in here and hopefully you can take away some of the advice so you don't make the same mistakes I did. 

    To give you a bit of background, I run a company based up in Aberdeen called IT Rockstars we provide IT services for the North East of Scotland and our target market is other small and medium-sized businesses.

    I've been told by my marketing guru's the best way to market IT services to prospects is by educating them on technology. I thought what better way than using YouTube to do this.

    Why did I start with YouTube?

    I got hooked on watching Gary Vaynerchuk's YouTube videos around a year ago. He runs a very successful online marketing company based in New York. 

    Prior to this, he worked in the family business selling wine and was one of the first YouTuber's to really nail it. His channel was called Wine Library TV and the amount of energy he has in his videos inspired me to start with YouTube.

    Amazing right? Could I replicate that energy talking about IT-related technologies aimed at business owners and decision makers (my target market)?

    It's been a tough learning process

    I started out posting videos on Facebook. I got a great, positive reaction to the videos. However, I knew in the back of my head that the people watching the videos on Facebook were friends and family, and my extended networking contacts.

    The positive reaction was biased feedback. I needed truthful feedback on the videos. That's where UK Business Forums came in. I really did not know anyone on the forums, so thought it was a great place to get feedback I could use to improve the videos.

    Boy did I get feedback!

    The first thing is learnt was my target audience are not on YouTube. Whilst I've managed to pick up 300-plus subscribers to the IT Rockstars channel the majority of these were from older videos that I did prior to the IT education campaign.

    This fact hit home when a number of people mentioned it in the forums. 

    It's true, how many business owners or decision makers are going to be surfing on YouTube looking for IT help? Probably zero.

    What else did they suggest? Here are a few pointers that have helped me improve my video strategy.

    1) Get to the point

    The next comment I got was on the content. Get to the point. I was waffling on too much and not hitting home what the point of the video was. Business owners have limited time in the day, so if you're going to start creating videos they need to be short and punchy.

    2) Look professional

    If you are a professional then you have to look like and communicate like a professional. That means having an acceptable standard of video quality and probably more important the audio has to be spot on.

    3) Invest in a microphone

    You don't have to go over the top with recording equipment, but make sure it's an acceptable standard. Again make sure your audio is good - don't use the inbuilt microphone on your camera or smartphone. 

    After receiving all the negative and positive feedback from the forums I've been dabbling with a number of different strategies for marketing the videos.

    Market video to your existing clients

    I've had great success with using video to market to my existing client base and contacts.

    Through a combination of LinkedIn contacts and existing customers, I created an email list in MailChimp. I then proceeded to email a link to the video with a brief overview of what the video was about.

    The engagement on the videos has been high with many positive comments. The other great thing about emailing the video out is that I can see who's clicked on the video link and shown an interest. 

    This is a great talking point when I next meet up with an existing client or contact and could quite possibly lead to an opportunity to sell an additional service.

    The key takeaways from marketing through video

    If you are thinking of marketing your business with videos do it - you only live once and more than likely your competition are not doing marketing with video.

    This leaves a gap in the market that you can fill. When you start out have a think about where your potential customers are online and build a list of topics you can cover in regular weekly or monthly videos.

    Clearly, for me, YouTube was a no go but it might be a completely different story if you are in the B2C space. Go where your audience is and publish there first.

    Video marketing is a slow burner and I can see how it will probably take at least 18-24 months before I get any real traction with it but I know in that time frame I'll have built up an audience.

  2. redspan

    redspan UKBF Contributor Full Member

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    Good advice. I've been experimenting with this too and you can make good videos without expense and for very little outlay or expertise. Alternatively, get someone to record your script and put the whole thing together for you if you don't have the time or inclination to do yourself. I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago: How To Make Internet Marketing Videos.

    There are some additional SEO aspects to consider when you compile the video and upload it to YouTube. I've found a tool that helps with that and I'll be writing a post about that soon.
    Posted: Jan 20, 2017 By: redspan Member since: Sep 10, 2009
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  3. justinaldridge

    justinaldridge UKBF Regular Full Member

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    Great post. I think it's difficult to make it work on Youtube and it very much depends on the niche being targeted. I watch things on TY for entertainment although I did buy a drone recently because Caset Neistat reviewed it and rated it highly.

    So, I think with YT it's often more about letting the youtubers do their thing and then tap into their audience of followers.

    I have a YT channel about cars. I've got just over 3000 subs so far but it's hard work and it's mainly just for fun. I have toyed with doing videos which are SEO related (which is what my business is about) but they could be immensely boring unless we go with a very unique and "out there" angle.

    It can work but it's tough to build an audience. I think it's better to leverage existing audiences instead.
    Posted: Jan 20, 2017 By: justinaldridge Member since: Sep 26, 2013
  4. talkagent

    talkagent UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Thanks for adding this! marketing business is not an easy job. But your post give me a idea about how to market your business on youtube.
    Posted: Jan 20, 2017 By: talkagent Member since: Jan 19, 2017
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