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Fresh Threads: Buy/sell trade and stolen customers

  1. Kat Haylock

    Kat Haylock Community Editor Staff Member

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    Happy Friday UKBFers!

    Welcome to Fresh Threads, our weekly community roundup. In UKBF Stories, Frimley111R gave advice on boosting website conversion rates and Francois Badenhorst envisioned HMRC as a taciturn Texan sheriff in The Known Unknowns of Making Tax Digital.

    On the forums, like a particularly persistent poltergeist, Ashley_Price's Paranormal: Yes or No? thread continued to haunt the boards. Here are my top five threads this week -

    1. Client doesn’t understand SEO

    Luke Boobyer, SEO, PPC and Online Marketing

    After launching a client’s new website – built to be search engine friendly and optimised for general industry keywords – Luke left the client with information on SEO basics. However, the client has repeatedly contacted Luke since to angrily question why they are not ranking on the first few pages for a competitive keyword.

    The client has invested no time or money into SEO and ignores Luke’s advice on how to improve it. “I have now spent several hours trying to help them, offering free advice, guidance, SEO reviews and strategies”, he says. “I am exasperated and can't keep going round in circles like this”.

    fisicx:  Tell them you will no longer be replying to their emails as they are not heeding your advice and are not willing to invest the time and money needed. After this, do not respond to anything they send you unless they offer to pay.

    Xtm_Mike: Your problem is offering basic SEO services and advice. You're either doing SEO or you're not. For the less tech-savvy there is just no explaining it: they will never grasp it from snippets of advice. I'm very capable of building compliant, SEO friendly websites, but that's where it ends. I'm not an SEO expert so I won't be offering any advice.

    Nick Grogan: Luke, that one sentence – “After launching a new website for a client of mine” – is the basis of all your problems. You know what you mean, but it's not the same meaning in your client’s mind. Are you going to design a website (which is what you seem to be offering) or launch a website (which therefore includes SEO, which is what the client thinks you're offering)

    2. How much should I charge to advertise on my site?

    Frimley111R, Sales, Marketing & PR

    Frimley111R’s currently working on a new website that will focus on news stories from specific fields. The primary revenue will come from advertisements, but he’s struggling to guesstimate how much he should be charging.

    Clinton: The problem is size. It does not make sense for firms to even consider all the small deals and you'll find that they won't. […] Until you get to a certain size (traffic, DA/PA, whatever) you'll find it next to impossible to sell ad space at any price.

    Webgeek: When you're bringing in real traffic, people will entertain a discussion. When your traffic is repeat visitors, from the countries of interest to advertisers, they'll start to consider spending.

    When your repeat visitors from a country of interest have proven full-page read behaviour and/or proven click through rates, where they've bought stuff on the site 1+ times (even free stuff), they'll start to write the check to you for advertising.

    Nick Grogan: If you know the niche and you have two USPs then you know the size of the market. From this you can look at your potential market penetration and there is your audience figure. If you don't, it’s because you don't have a niche. It's not just about numbers, it's about value.

    3. Opening a buy-sell trade shop

    Steven Maund, General Business

    Steven currently sells on eBay in his spare time, sourcing his stock from auctions, charity shops, Facebook and car boot sales. He’s interested in opening a buy, sell and trade shop and thinks it’d be successful in his local town. “Will I run into any legal issues by doing this,” he asks, “and do I need some sort of license?”

    japancool: You need to be sure you're not handling stolen goods, i.e. that anyone selling items to you is entitled to do so.

    Brennerz: Business, in general, is hard enough trying to stock what people want locally to you, it becomes even harder when you have to rely on people having available to sell to you/trade what other people are looking to buy. How can you control how good your stock is? 

    Nochexman: You need to work out how you are going to be able to identify bonafide sellers from robbers.

    4. Passport request from employer after 10 years

    JUE67, Legal

    The global company JUE67 works for has suddenly asked employees for copies of their passports, despite the fact that many have worked there for a number of years. JUE67 – who doesn’t have a passport – is understandably concerned and asks if this is legal.

    fisicx: They can demand all they like if you don't have a passport you can't give it to them. I suspect however this is more to do with identification and compliance.

    Newchodge: Yes, they can legally demand that you supply proof [of identification] if they did not do so when you started work with them. Especially if you started before the checks were required.

    The Byre: Offer them a copy of your membership card to the Pinkprint Membership Club which is in honour of Nicki Minaj. (It's well worth it and gives you access to fan-club exclusive pre-sale tickets and VIP packages, access to future, exclusive perks throughout the year and comes complete with an exclusive dry erase board with a picture of her Minajesty on the back and a 'My Pink Friday' duffle bag.)

    5. Hobbyist stealing customers

    htb1, General Business

    Just posted at the time of writing, this is one to watch over the weekend.  After running a successful mobile repair business for two years, htb1 has started losing customers to a retiree who carries out repairs and only accepts payment in the form of animal food donations to the local rescue centre.

    htb1 is at a loss with how to compete – follow the community’s comments here.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Dan Izzard

    Dan Izzard Digital Marketer Full Member

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    I hate removing links from a site. I think out of about 5000 requests over the years I only ever bothered with 50 legitimate reasons. If I'm not wrong they could just disavow?

    R.E Negative keywords - someone was listed in my GA for finding my site with the term 'deep fried poop'. I didn't take it personally. Actually now by mentioning it here I guess this site will rank above mine and take the clicks.
    Posted: Feb 3, 2017 By: Dan Izzard Member since: Nov 21, 2013
  3. Francois Badenhorst

    Francois Badenhorst Deputy Editor Staff Member

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    "Deep fried poop" is a negative keyword? Sounds like a winner to me.
    Posted: Feb 20, 2017 at 11:01 AM By: Francois Badenhorst Member since: Aug 25, 2015