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3 ways to solve the business website conversion conundrum

  1. Conversion Rate Optimisation for business websites

    Frimley111R UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Picture a shop front in your local High Street. It’s your shop and it contains everything you sell. Every day people walk into your shop and every day most of them walk out of that shop without buying anything. They always will of course, that’s business life, but it doesn’t mean you should ever stop trying to increase the number who buy from you or even simply engage you in a conversation that may then lead to a sale.

    In digital terms, you are engaging in CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation - optimising your shop to convert more visitors into customers.

    For most of us our ‘shop front’ is our website and the principles that apply to bricks and mortar businesses are just as applicable to your website.

    So, how exactly do you do this? You’ll be pleased to hear that the methods that will do the most to improve your CRO are relatively easy to implement. Here are our top four and as I am writing this on Valentine’s Day let’s begin with a kiss…

    KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    Ouch! Ok, not the loving start you may have been hoping for but the KISS principle is vital to any way you communicate with your potential customers.

    Take a look at your website. What do you actually want people to do? If you had a blank sheet of paper and could only add three things to your page, what would they be? A headline, a description and a CTA (Call To Action – what do you want people to do? Call, email or buy something?).

    Now, what have you got on your website in addition to these three elements? It’s ok to have more as long as they support the first three. Amazing and relevant imagery, a customer testimonial, a (good quality) video etc. Just remember that the more you give people to read and view the more you are distracting them from doing what you want them to do.

    Don’t get carried away with all the options of subtle imagery, different fonts, colours, layout designs, image sliders, social media buttons etc. It is easy to produce a page that does everything, but fails at its one main task – the CTA.

    Take a look at this example from climbing frame and treehouse builder Gardenatics. Here you can see:

    • Menu bar which scrolls with the page, with phone number clearly in place (also click to call)
    • Clear statement CTAs in the page too
    • Use of testimonials and product image to get endorsement

    Copy – features with benefits

    Ok, so someone lands on your website. Great, now what? Grab them with an amazing headline. Recently a site I was working on had the headline ‘Sales Training’. The only way to get to that page on their site was to click on the menu button that said ‘Sales Training’, so visitors knew what the page was already! We changed the headline to a quote. It said: “We created 31 new sales opportunities after our sales training.” Which would grab you as a visitor to the page?

    The point here is to think about the benefits and not the features. People can see not only what you sell, but how that service or product improves their lives.

    And this principal applies to your copy too. Keep it brief, people rarely read a website page, they scan it. Make your copy as interesting and benefit-led as you possibly can. Copywriting is not easy though. If you’re not sure you can achieve this then find someone who can.

    Here on the website Firm Gains you can see this applied:

    • Immediate ‘hit’ of the cost, but also then coming in with the benefits
    • Direct call to action with phone number
    • Brief headings with clear messages

    Call To Actions

    Just do it! as Nike say. What is it you want your customers to do?

    If it’s to call you make your telephone number bright and clear and put it in a place that they expect, ideally at the bottom of the page, but also higher up in the header bar of your site. A Freephone number will also encourage calls even though, with most people using mobile phones, the calls are often not free.

    If it’s to email you do the same, but make sure your email is either a clickable button with a clear CTA message on such as ‘Click here to email us’ or, failing that, if you just have the actual email address make sure it is a hyperlink, so that people can just click it to open a new email automatically.

    If it’s to fill in an enquiry form then make the form as simple as you can. What do you really need from someone? The reality is that a name and a telephone number or email is all you need, you can gain the rest of the information once you’ve made contact. Don’t forget to add a comments box too.

    If it’s to buy something then make sure that the ‘Buy’ button is clear and in multiple places on the page (depending on design). As with the all other CTAs, make sure it stands out by using a bright colour that says ‘Click me’!

    What do strong CTAs look like in ‘action’? Flexspace’s website here demonstrates with:

    • Phone number at the top
    • The footer has a CTA in it, clear contact button and phone number
    • Plus further browsing options allow visitor to continue browsing if they wish and avoid a ‘dead end’

    Working on these three points will go a long way to improving your website’s conversions bringing you more enquiries, more sales and more new business – that’s all you need your website to do.

    But, while these are the three key ways to improve conversions, there are a host of smaller changes you can make, from different images and headlines to placing CTAs in different parts of your pages and using different types of media. You should never stop working on your CRO and making your site the very best it can be.

  2. Peter Casey

    Peter Casey UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Very well written and clear article. I would add that customer reviews are now hugely important for many sites, how else can new visitors really Trust what you offer so they hit that call to action button? Would you ever buy off Amazon etc without looking at the reviews first? Very important for new businesses.
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    Posted: Feb 17, 2017 By: Peter Casey Member since: Jul 26, 2016
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  3. threenine

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    User reviews don't have wait these days. They were popular 5 years ago, but they have all been gamed and lack credibiliity
    Posted: May 12, 2017 By: threenine Member since: Nov 30, 2012